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Spring Cleaning

"Hey Big Boy, Mom says after our walkies she's gonna give you a bath. But not me. Because I'm a husky. And huskies are awesome and don't need baths because our furs reject dirt and so we're never dirty." "Princepessa, don't mess with my mentals. That's not even remotely funny." It's true. Huskies never get […]

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Tough Love

"Hey Big Boy! Whatchya doin' with that crackery thing on your noggin?" The criminal not only photobombs the cracker but as usual, tries to intrude upon his morning meditations.

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Memories of Mastication Madness

"Hey Princess, remember that time you ate the seats in Mom's Mini Cooper?" "Yah, those were good times Daddy-O. Good, good, times. Think the seats in this blue baby will be as fun?" Don't worry, Internet. It's not my car and I didn't stay long to see what the husky had in mind! 360/365

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Juno's Roar

"My name is Juno. Hear me ROAR!"  (In a barely audible whisper: "roar.") Juno rarely barks. When she does, we giggle. Because it's an adorable, wee, high-pitched beep that doesn't seem to fit a tough Siberian husky. Juno is likely the sweetest dog I've ever known. The only things that should fear her are buttered baguettes, live chickens and moles. […]

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On to Redwoodier Pastures

After 23 years with the same company, Mr. Wild Dingo is ditching the rat race morning commute to begin a new opportunity where two of his office mates will be furrier and the other, although a whiny Lymie, will keep him healthy with home cooked lunches and green smoothies. He'll still be traveling 50-60% but […]

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Fond Farewell

342/365 Juno gives a fond farewell to one of her favorite Physical Torturers, err, Therapists, Miss Nicole. We are sad to see you go but happy that you are moving on to great opportunities in helping pups feel fantastic. Juno's Jodhpurs thank woo! "Here's a husky hickey to remember me by Miss Nicole!"

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Wine Goals

Wine Goals - 335/365 "My number one goal is to get my patients drinking again," said my Lyme doctor.

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The Perfect Weather

Perfect Weather - 330/365 Is it crazy that I love cold, foggy rainy days? Mr. Wild Dingo would be very happy if we never had rain, but ever since Lyme hit me, I've longed for long dark cold winters. Although some days are still too warm for me (in the 50's or 60's), there have […]

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Mole Patrol

Mole Patrol 327/365 The Siberian iMole™ is the most advanced, intelligent and secure mole patrol in the world. The iMole's built-in genetics and superior speed are no match for problem moles.  With advanced Sibe-Fi technology, the Siberian iMole identifies moles on a variety of frequencies, leading to a 90% improvement in mole reduction. Powered by a raw bone and raw […]

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Physical Therapy

"They call this Physical Therapy, but I call it Physical Torture. Put. Treat. In. Mouth. Now."   -  320/365 In typical Sibe fashion, Juno sometimes ignores the lowly single treat offered to her and instead, knocks over the treat jar, helping herself to a floor full of treats.

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