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Head Games

"Wait a minute. Princess, something's wrong. Someone's missing! Where is Mom?" "Big boy, the only person I'm searching for is the Ice Cream man. We are downtown Morges after all."

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Heights Make Me High: Zermatt Part Quatre

For me, there's nothing more exhilarating than being high. Don't get your panties in a bunch. I mean on a mountain range.

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The Easy Stroll: Zermatt Part Trois

Continuing our Zermatt Hiking adventure, we headed out our hotel door and chose an 'easy' route for our first hike. I wonder what has Mr. Wild Dingo's attention?

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Chalets are Us; Zermatt Part Deux

We arrived in Zermatt in 10-15 minutes from Tasch. I'm not a skier so I was unfamiliar with how things worked in a ski village, but a car-free ski village left even more questions. Like, how the hell were we going to get to our hotel, which sat above the town?  But right off the train, […]

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Un Bon Voyage à Zermatt, Mais Pour Qui?

"Whatchya got there pop? Two train tickets for peeps and two train tickets for pups to Zermatt, the best husky hiking in all of Switzerland? Oh please say it's true!"

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Two Weeks Too Long

"Did you miss me Juno?" "If missing you means being ecstatic because I won't be eating salad yet again for second dinner, like we've done for the past 14 days, then yah, I missed you."

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Leash Lessons

Don't practice your Olympic Ribbon Gymnastics routine with your dog's leash. "WTF is going on? Did anyone cue any music? I haven't practiced my agility in ages!" "Don't' worry Big Boy. This is just Pop's wacky leash walking style."

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It Never Gets Easy

I just spent 7 days with the man in Provence. And now he heads to China tonight. Business travel sucks.

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Creative Suffering

I looked like the total American trying to walk into a Coop Supermarket on Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. Nothing was open. I should have known better. It was Holy Thursday. Switzerland basically shuts almost down everything from Thursday night to Tuesday morning. So if you're out of milk, you almost have to suffer for 4 […]

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Passage du Loup

"Hey Pop, read the sign above. Your kind isn't allowed down this alley." "Princess, something tells me he still can't read French---or teeth---for that matter."

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