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Last month, Mr. Wild Dingo installed the on and off ramps to the tree house and raised their flag at full staff.  They were dismantled for safety reasons while we were living in Switzerland. Juno was pleased as punch. Lately she enjoys eating her raw bones up there after her morning runs. Both dogs are […]

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The number of days before she can huff her displeasure at Mr. Wild Dingo once again. But who's counting?

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"Awe Pop! It's so darn cute when you try to shoot me! O.K. I'll play: Please don't shoot Mister!"

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Together Again

Nothing bonds this team like a bag full of dried chicken.

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The Economy of Motion

"It's a shame that Mother Nature did not provide humans with the superior dirt-repelling qualities enjoyed by all Siberians." As usual, Juno has a point. It's quite amazing---shocking if you will---how clean she stays for the amount of dirt she gets her furry self into. Siberians may be long furred but they stay unusually clean […]

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Fait Accompli

This is the face of accomplishment. Notice the husky's mask is a little more dustier than usual. Her white areas now blackened in soot. We have a few redwood tree stumps on our property that were destroyed by a forest fire over 100 years ago.  Burned tree stumps must make a comfortable home for vermin because […]

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Whatever it Takes

It isn't easy being Mr. Wild Dingo. Because, I'm not so good with acronyms.  Or names. Or numbers. He's always interpreting Wild Dingo-speak. Whenever I ask for the can of W4, Mr. Wild Dingo always replies "W4, WD40 whatever it takes."

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Eleven years ago, I married the guy in the photo and it wasn't for his keen seasonal fashion sense.

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Ode to a Scarecrow

 A poem by Mr. Wild Dingo Dauntless flew young scarecrow blue Unfettered he, from sac set free

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Such Great Heights

Well, I made it back to Zermatt.  Mr. Wild Dingo and I have been traveling all summer but I was able to squeeze in one more quick weekend trip to Zermatt. And you know what? I'm still not done here.

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