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The Best Thing About Rainy Days

We have the beach to ourselves.

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Water Break

No water fountain, river or lake goes untouched by a Siberian Water Dog.

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It's only July and yet it's harvest time. Am I the only one fascinated with the neat round hay bales? I'm always shooting them. As soon as I get home, I download the memory card, excited and believing that I've finally found a way to make them look interesting on camera. Sadly, those hopes are […]

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Sometimes, it seems as if someone painted mountains on the sky. It's almost surreal.

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I don't get it, but this little gal Mona sitting beside Retardo, seems to have picked him as her new BFF. Swear to Dog. Loki has accidentally plowed her down once or twice running around like a fool, but she only sees her BFF acting silly. In the long run, they're good pals and Loki does pay her the […]

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Pack Crack

"Swiss Cheeses Mom! Don't leave me! I'm comin'! Wait up!" It's never a dull moment with a pack-cracker like Loki. He has a few rules when we go out for walks:

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Attention aux Hérissons!

While snacking on Chiendent, sometimes Loki and Juno will make a new friend they finding hiding in it. Like this fella: Harry Hérisson. Juno found Harry and I quickly called her off. She and Loki politely obeyed and left little Harry alone. Les Hérisson (hedgehogs) are common in Switzerland. I don't know much about the hedgehog so I […]

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Sentier et Sentir

Internet, did you notice my big faux-pas in June's post on the Secret Garden?   My walking pal Sylvie (a smarty pants English teacher for French-speaking Swiss) pointed it out to me and I didn't bother correcting it. Instead, I thought I'd defend myself. In the post, I hastily wrote the name of the trail that I walk as "Sentir des Truites," […]

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Getting High

That's right. I'm reposting this same 'ole boring photo as I posted a few days ago and using it as July's masthead. Because I'm dedicating the rest of this summer to getting high again. Well, at least one more time.

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The Easy Stroll: Zermatt Part Trois

Continuing our Zermatt Hiking adventure, we headed out our hotel door and chose an 'easy' route for our first hike. I wonder what has Mr. Wild Dingo's attention?

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