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Domestic Game

"Look at THAT!" Hm. On a walk through the deep forests in Friborg, my Siberian spots something. Whatever could it be?

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What's a Little Rumble Among Strangers?

"Come a little closer Dollface, so I can get my kicks every-which way bitey." Don't be fooled readers. Juno brought this on. She flirted with this sweet gentle giant for quite some time.

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The Path to Friendship Begins with a Walk

I meet the nicest people, and sometimes my closest friends, when I'm walking or hiking with the dogs. From the start, you've already got something in common: sharing a passion for the great outdoors with canine companions.

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A Bittersweet Harvest

It's harvest time. Fall is the beginning of an end. And yet the colors are breath-taking. Beautiful, yet final.

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Size Matters

"Princess, that chateau sure looks inviting." "That's right, Big Boy. Finally a dog house perfectly sized for barbarian ears."

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If She Only Knew

Mona, the beagle, gazes adoringly at the tall-eared, dark and handsome fella. She dreams of spending quiet evenings alone with her gallant knight. Love is blind. Juno would be happy to unload him for a few days. If she only knew.

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The Cherry on Top of a Runner's High

My running partners are all smiles after  a five mile run through the forest.

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Hike Now!

"Or I'll send your flip flops back to you---piece by piece."

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Such Great Heights

Well, I made it back to Zermatt.  Mr. Wild Dingo and I have been traveling all summer but I was able to squeeze in one more quick weekend trip to Zermatt. And you know what? I'm still not done here.

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Pas de Pee Pee

"Tra-la-la. This looks like a nice spot to see a man about a horse."

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