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Chalets are Us; Zermatt Part Deux

We arrived in Zermatt in 10-15 minutes from Tasch. I'm not a skier so I was unfamiliar with how things worked in a ski village, but a car-free ski village left even more questions. Like, how the hell were we going to get to our hotel, which sat above the town?  But right off the train, […]

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Un Bon Voyage à Zermatt, Mais Pour Qui?

"Whatchya got there pop? Two train tickets for peeps and two train tickets for pups to Zermatt, the best husky hiking in all of Switzerland? Oh please say it's true!"

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I Feel Like I'm in Switzerland

Whenever I drive toward Gruyères, I think "I feel like I'm in Switzerland." I know, it's a rediculous thought, being that I actually am in Switzerland. But it's true. The rolling green hills, the cows and the looming Alps just smack you in the face with an overwhelming feeling of Swiss-ness.

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French Lessons at The Shooting Range

"Hey Sugarlips, it's time to knock the polish off your toes!"

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New Ground

For some of us, exploring new things is daunting at best and nerve-wracking at worst. For the husky, there's nothing better than new ground. If she's been there more than twice, it's old news and she'd be happier on new trails. The cracker, on the other hand, would be happy never exploring more than a 30-minute radius […]

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Secret Garden

There's a new hike the dogs and I have been making weekly. It's a two-hour, 5-mile round-trip from our house that runs along the trout trail (a forest hike by the river "Sentir des Truites"). It includes a feast of various adventures, such as private farms and foot-traffic-only roads, underground tunnels, the ex-Nudist beach on Lake Léman, a […]

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We come across many "Interdit" signs on our walks in Switzerland. Sometimes they give us pause.  

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Pushy Broad

"Um, Princess, you're sitting on my foot." Four years ago, he was the house bully. Yet, it took only two nights, with only positive efforts, to teach him not to bully her for her dinner. It was such a powerful lesson, that each night after that, he would finish his dinner and seek me out searching for his praise for doing the […]

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First Signs of Spring

First Tulip. We took our first Spring walk to Morges yesterday. The tulips weren't quite out yet, but a few lone renegades were making their appearance.

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Passage du Loup

"Hey Pop, read the sign above. Your kind isn't allowed down this alley." "Princess, something tells me he still can't read French---or teeth---for that matter."

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