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Mango Minster Entry #2: Loki J. Starling & Bonus Entry

Mango Minster Entry #2: Loki J. Starling & Bonus Entry

January 26, 2010
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Since Juno's alpha doggie around here, Loki had to wait his turn to compile his entry for Mango Minster . He's been patient (ha!) so lets get right to it.

Naturally first we thought of the Herding category since he is half German Shepherd, but the only photo we could find was this:


But lets face it. Loki would take one look at a sheep and run in the opposite direction. So herding was out.

Then we considered the Hard Working category. After all, Loki's new trainer likes to call him a "busy" dog. He loves to work. Give him a job (except maybe herding sheep) and he'll go right to it. He'll pick up sticks, he'll find my keys, he'll entertain the crowds with his talking routine while he performs "bang," "bow" and "where's my dog?" But recently, he's been working really hard at become a search dog so we dug out a few of his search photos:

Yes, that's Loki actually catching the scent of his target. And working really hard to get to him fast before his target dies or, worse, eats Loki's treats.

And here is is finding his target, completely relieved he isn't dead and that indeed his payment hasn't been eaten by his target for survival. Afterall, his target was officially lost for 5 minutes. You never know if they'll get hungry enough to finish the goodies.

But Hard Working is too easy of a category for Loki, so we turned to Sporting. Here are a few photos of Loki being a Good Sport:

This is Loki in his Mardi Gras King costume. I'd say he's a very good sport about wearing costumes. Especially since two years ago, he would have bitten me if I tried to put a hat or boa on him. I can't blame him. That boa totally makes his butt look big.

Here's Loki going for his second place at a friendly school competition. He's a pretty good sport about taking second place to a cracked-out border collie.

And here's Loki looking very SPORTY in a SPORTS car. No more words needed here.

But since Juno is competing in the Sporting Category, Loki didn't want to compete against her (after all, that wouldn't be very sporting of him) so we decided to enter him in the Cracker Dog Insane Terrier category. Granted, he's NOT a Terrier. But above all, working, sporty, herding, Loki is completely, undisputably, without a doubt, cracker-insane. All his trainers, his friends and his dog friends would gladly sign a petition stating that Loki is a Certifiable Cracker Dog Insane. And there are so many photos of him being cracker insane. But which to choose?

This one is obviously cracker. The facial expression, the toofers, the ears back. He looks like he's about to hand out a can of whoop-ass on poor Juno (who looks innocent, but let me assure you, she's not). But the lack of props in this photo made it a "no" for the entry.

Then there's this shot:

In this photo, Loki's showing his poker cracked-out face. His fierceness rates high on the Norwood scale: toofers are in full view, lips pulled back, ears pulled back, pupils dialatedand body and tail stiff.  His prop of choice: Juno. Ya, I'd say he's totally cracked out here. He totally inhaled if you know what I mean. His athletic prowess ranks high as you can see his muscles work to catch and hold down a Siberian Husky.  Juno as you can see is not duped by his cracked-out behavior. Her tail is gently swooshed around him and is purposely exposing her husky neck for the bite. The context shows he's desperately in need of either strong medication or an exorcism. It's hard to say which.

Which reminded us of Loki's early cracker days with his best dog-park buddy, Travis, the Belgian Malinois:

"Hey Travis, you want a piece of me?"
"What's that Loki? I can't heeeaaarrr you!"

"Biting isn't a disease. It's a symptom!"

"Oh no you di'ent!"

"I got chunks of guys like you in my poop!"

It was a difficult choice, but we settled on the photo below for his entry photo:

Athletic prowess: check. He doesn't even need Air-Jordens to jump this high, catch and de-stuff his prop. Facial expression: check. Loki's googly eyes and firm bite on the prop tells us not to frack with this cracker. When it comes to tug, the context is never in question. It's always, "the devil made me do it."  When you offer Loki a tug, his eyes will glaze over, you know his other personality has taken over. His frontal lobe will freeze and his hind brain grows instantly 4 times in size. No medication in the world will stop him from obsessing for the tug. You could give him a bottle of valium chased with a bottle of Jack Daniels and drop a piano on his head and he'll still bite his target tug. That makes him cracker insane.

Photo Entry: Loki Cracker for Tug
Name: Loki J. Starling
Gender: Male, duh. Look at his big muscles and teeny brain!
Group: Cracker Dog Insane (not) Terrier
Breed: German Shepherd Formosan Mountain Cracked Up Dog
Bloggy Address: https://wilddingo.com
Peemail: loki“at” wilddingo.com


Finally Wild Dingo would like to submit one more entry for Mango Minster:

Photo Entry: Mr. Wild Dingo and the Cone of Shame
Name: Mr. Wild Dingo
Gender: Male
Group: Sporty
Breed:Human Doggie
Bloggy Address: https://wilddingo.com
Peemail: stuart“at” wilddingo.com

I know. This goes against our rules of entering more than one pack member in the same category. He doesn't expect to win. But really, Mr. Wild Dingo was a good sport in supporting Juno through her mysterious illness in November and he donned the dreaded "Cone of Shame" just to make her feel better. I'd say that's a pretty good sport. Mr. Wild Dingo is a bit ugly for a typical dog, but hey, I refer to him as a dog many times when he behaves like a naughty fella. So we'd like to submit him for the heck of it. Maybe he'll get a consolation prize.


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26 comments on “Mango Minster Entry #2: Loki J. Starling & Bonus Entry”

  1. I can hardly type for laughing. Mr. Wild dingo IS certainly a WILD CHILD. Toooooooooooooo funny for words. A real day maker!!!

  2. The paw placements are inkhredible!

    Best of lukhk to the males of Wild Dingo!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo poor Wild Dingo females!

  3. OMDoggs, crazy lady can't stop laughing at Mr Wild Dingo! Perhaps there is a consolation prize available for his entry? If nothing else, it definitely deserves an honorable mention.

    Sigh...Loki is a studly cracker...I'm pretty relieved he didn't enter the working dog category-- I don't think I would have had any chance of winning, if he was my competition in this category! Good luck to ya and your She-Ra Princess of Power (aka Juno)...

  4. Wow, those are some pawsome photo's of Loki!! We like to show our teefies to each other too. We call it bitey-face. Khady is a HUGE bitey face fan.

    LOVE the last photo! Bout time the humans had to wear a stupid pawty hat!

    Oh, and your comment about Sam's bowl hat? At our house, because we have a doggie door, when Samuel has had to wear the pawty hat, it's not a lamp shade, it's an old plastic paint bucket. He looks quite dorky in those photo's too!


  5. Gosh we think you need to enter Loki in all those categories - a winner for sure - love the Mardi Gras one, AND the totally insane cracker dog. As for the human, definitely a good sport.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  6. w00fs, me telled Mango, we thought MWD, should win sumthing...all those pix were very good..heehee mama chased me around trying to git one, then the camera battery died..

    b safe,

  7. well hello there
    we saw you over at mangos bloggy and wanted to come over and say howdy
    our mommish was laughing so hard at your entry her eyes were leaking so we just had to come and visit you
    good luck in the contest
    maybe we can be furryends??
    wiggles and pibble hugs
    the houston pittie pack
    guero, coco chanel, brinks and bella

  8. Wow, after looking at those pictures I'll sign my paw print on that petition for certifiable cracker dog insane!

  9. Hey! I'm glad woo noticed that I've put on weight! I never put on weight when eating dog food but as soon as Mom started feeding me yummy meat I did. She hasn't weighed me so she doesn't know how much but she'd noticed too. I feel great! Oh and Jackal looks like he's lost a TON of weight, but when they weighed him he hasn't lost any in numbers but he looks so much better. I guess because his tummy isn't bloated full of crappy dog food. 🙂


  10. Oooh, Mr Wild Dingo!
    I am not ashamed to admit I am positively swooning here...
    Quel style, quel sens de l'accessoire juste!
    This is just SO you.
    You have my vote in the Human Doggie group.

    (The Bougalou Bear would like to make it known that the opinions expressed therein are not necessarily his but could be the Maman's. Who, moreover,shamefuly abandonned him to go galivanting/drinking abroad and should come back home posthate instead of being delirious in both official languages)

  11. Why is your dog wearing a prong collar ? There are more humane ways of controlling a dog. 😉
    Other than that: Really nice blog !

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