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The Husky Ate My Passport

The Husky Ate My Passport

January 28, 2010
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Seriously. Why should I be surprised? After all, she also ate my Mini-Cooper.

This time, I put my shoes away AND hid the trash can. I left my important identity file folder out on top of my desk because I need to renew my passport. She helped herself to the folder. When I got home, it looked like a thief ransacked my office and mud room. Folder mutilated, marriage certificate, crumpled. Guess she doesn't think highly of my marriage to Mr. Wild Dingo.  And the passport? Well, lets just say its a good thing its up for renewal. Thankfully she left my very old and delicate birth certificate untouched.

Do  you wonder why Siberians have "masks?" Because they are all criminals. And Mr. Wild Dingo and I are harboring one.  I have a sneaking suspicion she's trying to make a fake ID to get into club Siberian 54.

"Unfortunately, this does not taste like chicken."

Um, unfortunate for who, you furry felon?

For the record, my dingo, never ate passports, Mini-Coopers, shoes, mail or babies. I'm beginning to think that famous story had an unknown husky in it.

"What? I think I improved it."

I have no idea how I'm going to tell the passport clerk, "the husky ate my passport" with a straight face. He's totally going to stamp a big F on my passport renewal form and send me home with a note to my mother.

Damn Sibe.

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24 comments on “The Husky Ate My Passport”

  1. Tell the "guy/girl" that your old one ACCIDENTLY went through the
    SIBERIAN RE-CYCLE and WASTE MANAGEMENT "machine" and that if he/she wants any of the missing shreads... he/she can sift through the after effects. That would be my story and I'd stick with it.

  2. Repeat after me:

    That (t h a t)
    Is (i s)
    What (w h a t)
    You (y o u)
    Get (g e t)
    Fur (f u r)
    Leaving (l e a v i n g)
    It Where The Skhwirrels khould get it -

    PeeEssWoo: At least The Dingo didn't eat your baby...

  3. Attorney-at-Claw! Can you produce Paw Prints? Photographic Evidence? DNA Samples? Anything to PROVE that Juno was at fault?

    And, besides, you were clearly INVITING the damage by leaving these supposedly important papers out in the open when you secured so many other objects.

  4. You just called my furiend a damn Sibe and a criminal! I object! Besides, with that passport by her paws, of course she looked guilty. Juno, sit on the passport and cover your furry ears, girl!

  5. I didn't blog about a similar incident because I was beyond stressed out at that point. In the last couple of days before my surgery, I packed my bag to go see the surgeon one last time before the procedure. I had snacks, papers, AND, the single most important thing - my MRI CD of my back, in the bag. R stole the bag while I was in the shower, unzipped it and emptied all the contents onto the floor. Guess what he ate? Not the snacks, oh no, not those. He gnawed on the fabulously precious CD, making it unreadable. A huge scramble ensued as I sprinted around town getting a new CD before driving hours to the doctor.

    I'm glad that your birth certificate was spared. You can get a new one (if you're a US citizen) I discovered recently. But, it takes a while.

    BTW, you talked about learning to 'read your dog' in SAR training. That was the single most important thing that I learned from SAR that I apply in my daily life. If you watch your dog's body language, you can learn a ton about what's in the woods. I made the same mistakes as you in SAR before I learned that my dog's body language was the single most important thing to focus on (and the wind direction for air scenting).

    I think that SAR was the most amazing dog-training experience of my life. But, around here, they still require handlers to use compulsion-based training. Ear pinching to teach a 'take-it'. When I approached them about my back and whether I could participate in some way, they offered to give me a human partner on all searches who would do any heavy work and be my guardian. Then, I watched a training session, and I knew that I couldn't do the physical pain-based training on K. She'd fold, and simply give up on me and the world. Some dogs can handle it but I know that my K can't. Now, R might be able to... but that's another story.

  6. Please, please, send picture of the EEC Police & Immigration
    guy's face when presented with the corpus delicti...
    Can hardly wait!

  7. I think the real meaning of Juno Belle's actions are that she wants you all to herself. So out with Mr. Wild Dingo (marriage certificate), out with going anywhere (passport), but you are here to stay (untouched birth certificate). So really, it's just her way to show her love.

    Personally, I would like to eat the Macbook so I could have my mom all to myself. Also the iPhone.


  8. Thanks for dropping in on our blog. Tsar is my first experience with a Husky. His mom was a Husky, his dad a Lab/Chow mix. He acts like a huge cat, but I'm told that's pretty common for the breed.

    When he was younger, he made an attempt to eat the house. He finished off a sofa and loveseat, part of the carpet and started on the doors. Now, he and I argue about food all the time. He only eats when he feels it's necessary and it drives me crazy.

    He is so different from the rest of the pack and I adore him.

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