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A Siberian Set-Up

A Siberian Set-Up

November 15, 2010
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Look what came the other day:

A nice German Swiss fella with a whole lotta tasty nommies for the furry beasts! The dogs were sure happy to see the Monsieur Meat-Delivery and barked with delight. Juno knows exactly who he is and knows exactly what the 2 freezers are in our basement. She loves to investigate the delivery and the freezers.

Those big roasts are not for us. Pas pour nous. Boo-hoo!

The cardboard box holds our raw meaty veal bones. The other cardboard box however, holding the minced chicken carcass sausages, broke. So Monsieur Meat-Delivery and I ran around collecting the run away sausages while the dogs were left to their own devices.

I came inside and happened upon a crime scene. A suspect seemed to be fleeing the scene of the crime.

A flip flop on Loki's bed.

Now the dog's don't have their own beds per se, but they do more or less lay a claim and occasionally they share. Past video of Loki Woo-ing clearly show this is his bed while another crime scene of Siberian Mastications  clearly show where Juno hangs out.

"Hi Mom! I see Monsieur Deliciousness came for us! Is it all packed away and prêts à servir?

"Oh that flip flop behind me? Nope, not me. Besides, that's on LOKI's bed."

It can't be! My non-destructive GSFMD has turned to the dark side? No! Say it isn't so!

"I was framed!"
"You snooze, you lose Big Boy."

Juno's back to her naughty self. Sigh.


Thank you all for your very helpful comments on Juno's Cross Roads, whether they were based in experience or based in thoughtful consideration of the choices we have, it helped more than you know. Even if you didn't experience this issue, some of you spoke to the logic and that seemed to help confirm what we will do.

We will most likely go ahead with the THR. But I have to do all my research and consultations first.  I'm sure the gold beads will help for a short term but intuition tells me this won't last. I'm around both dogs all day long and I'm very sensitive to changes and know what works and what doesn't. Juno seems back to more of herself and her appetite is much better. I'm certain that the vet doing the gold bead procedure won't understand why I wanted to do both (she recommended not doing the beads and spending the money if we were going to do surgery). I'm sure she'll think we're wacky for doing both even if they seem to be working. The truth is, the gold beads wouldn't do any harm and it only cost  a little more to do them and we needed additional x-rays anyway so it made sense to me to do them while we had x-rays taken. In addition, we can't do the surgery very quickly as we're having guests in November and December.  So it's nice to know if they do work, at least she'll have some pain free months while we carry on other things.

The reason for moving ahead with it even if the beads work, is that the yogi in me tells me it's important to correct improper structure as it can only lead to more disease later on such as spinal problems. That's just not a complication I'm prepared to deal with later on, especially since it "could" be prevented by simply correcting the structure in her movement.  Lately, Juno's potty habits have been affected. Intuition tells me this is from low spinal issues.  When she feels good, it's not a problem. When she has pain, well, there are problems. I can't see doing a "wait and see" approach with Juno only because I'm starting to see small problems now that are not going to go away and most likely get worse if we do nothing. And what if the "wait and see" approach brings a complication that we can't fix or reverse?

It's likely we'll do it some time in January so we can plan for recovery. I haven't consulted yet with any surgeons. I'll start with Dr. Vingerhoats since he's been recommended by more than 2 other vets. I also need to bone up on THR as there are 2 types: cement and cementless. I also need to fully understand the post op recovery: some people say 4-6 weeks others say 3-6 months. I do know at the very least we will do one hip if not both (at different times).

So thank you all. You've been just the support we all needed at this point in our cross roads of choice! We'll definitely keep up to date as things progress.

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17 comments on “A Siberian Set-Up”

  1. Wow wow woo you have your own meat man? Large carcasses pull up to your house? Sausages rolling free on the streets!! sounds like heaven to me!

    Dear Miss Juno. I like the patchwork hairdoo. It fits right into the 80s style over there. I do hope the beads work but agree, if structural you have problems progressing, wait and see is not your answer. I am keeping the pawer of my paws for you so it all works out well.


    PS- Loki us crackahs do have at least 2 mins of peace in us when properly exercised. That only took mom 1 1/2 hour of walkies and a 5 mile run with me. That's all.

  2. Poor Loki. A victim of a setup by the clever and oddly shaved floof dog.


    P.S. Thanks for the update on Juno's bottom. My momma is hanging on every word as she is keen to understand all things medical.

  3. That Juno, she's a wily one. If Loki isn't careful he might get caught with Dansko evidence. He'd better start sleeping with one eye open.

    I agree. I find the right desicion is the one that *feels* right, in the bottom of my stomach. If I'm worrying over something I've decided to do, if I can't sleep because of it, then it's time to re-evaluate.

    Thank you sharing sharing all of this information. You never know when you might need it, right?

  4. Runaway sausages! hahahaha
    I realized after I posted on the last post, the gold bead implants I looked into for Darwin were for Wobblers not HD. But acupuncture can help both so, same difference.. sorta of.

  5. Woo lucky dogs! Your own met delivery? Your own freezers full of tasty tid-bits? Would your pawrents like to adopt two more Sibes? At least one of them is furry well-behaved, the other.. not so much).

    drooling & wooing,
    jack & moo

    PS from the momster - sounds like you are doing your research, I know you'll make the best decision when its time! The gold beads is very interesting - I'd never heard of that before...

  6. I dont think that delivery guy would have noticed if one of those roasts just happened to me missing and two certain doggies were hiding somewhere when the truck left. Maybe next time Juno, you could come up with a plan. Those roasts make the femur bones look like tooth picks, they would be fun. Maybe the humans could order one for Christmas and they could have the leftovers after you two were done with it.

    Sorry Loki, us Siberians are good at framing the innocent.

    We are so glad Juno is doing better and wish you all nothing but the best.

    Remy and Flash

  7. So does the bet now include Loki? BOL

    You are so lucky to have that food delivered. We are still doing well with the the Nature's Variety and trying to finidh the kibble. We got a sample of another raw dehydrated food called Addiction in the flavor of Perfect Summer Brushtail. Haven't tried it yet, but still very pleased with Phantom's eating of the NV patties.

    Glad you were able to make a decision about the surgery, and we have no doubt you will go into this fully informed about everything.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Oh no...I didn't know he had to get surgery. I hope it goes smoothly and has a speedy recovery.

    Sorry...we just had to giggle at the thought of you guys chasing around sausages. hehe

  9. Oooh. We want our own meat man! Um... I'm not sure that came out right. Anyhoo, Mom says that it sounds like you've done the 'wait and see' - you've seen, and you know what's going on and that there is no need to wait years and (like you say) have something potentially irreversible occur. All that said, I can't imagine framing my sibling for something. Of course, Abby is the bad one, while I'm the good one, so there's no need to frame her - she's always guilty! 😉

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Family

  10. I believe that flip flop was about to pay the price for the indignity to a certain principessa's jodphurs!

    I'm glad that you've reached a decision that you can feel comfortable with. I think that's one of the most important parts of an ordeal like this. We are wishing you and Juno (and the Danskos) lots of luck!

  11. Yikes! Our first thought was of the walk-in freezer you must have in the basement to hold a couple of sides of beef. Hope your mom caught all your sausages before they escaped. Juno, you should try and get your prior bad acts thrown out of consideration as prejudicial when your mom is contemplating recent masticatory evidence. Of course, planting the evidence on your brother's bed is also a nice touch, although Abby is not allowed to advise you to actually act "unethically" [like that concept has any meaning to a dog].

    Sounds like Mrs. Wild Dingo is doing all the right things to make the best possible decision for Juno. We'll be here, supporting you all the way.

    Jed & Abby

  12. Hey emigrees! glad to see you, been awhile since mom has looked, we are well and enjoying what's left of beach weather, tired of my lifejacket and the boat and getting ready to snowmobile. Dad takes us out for rides and I wear my winter coat. My corgi brother has lots of fur so he runs in the snow (when it's not too deep)and tries to bite the skis. Us Formosans don't have much insulation so I'm mostly a couch dog in the winter, snuggling under my duvet waiting for dad to come "take 5" with me. I like your meat truck story, I would have helped with the sausages. Merry Christmas all, talk another day.

  13. We are sooooo jealous of that meat truck! If I could have it delivered I would have switched long ago! There are places that deliver up in Miami but not way down in the keys. Do they offer any flipflop grinds? I suppose that is not exactly species appropriate!

  14. I will never believe that the wonderful Mr. Loki chewed on that flip flop. Never! *eyes the evil Juno*

    I'm glad Juno's appetite is better and that the beads seem to be helping. I think you're doing the right thing regarding the THR.

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