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Year: 2010

"I Get No Respect"

"I just don't understand why everyone laughs at me all the time."

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CH is for CHaussures

Look what came in the post today: "Hm. More Roman History books. I wonder if they taste better than the other Italian book I had for dinner last week?" Ah! A few necessities arrived from the States. More Roman books for Mr. Wild Dingo, a few American/English-speaking movie DVDs and ...

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When Chicken Legs Attack

Animal Planet called the other day. They received an anonymous tip from my phone number about chicken legs that attack. They were interested in doing a series replacing their series about sharks. Hm. Think. THINK. THINK!  Who could have called from my telephone and complained about scary chicken legs? "It wasn't me. I pity da […]

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Everything's Just Dandy

Last week, our Sea Shipment arrived. No, we didn't get a truckload of lobsters. It was the rest of our furniture. We were told it could be up to 12 weeks before we saw even a delivery date. Happily, it arrived in customs at 5 weeks but we couldn't receive it right away because Mr. Wild […]

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La Nuit des Epouvantails

A few weeks ago, Morges celebrated its annual fall harvest "La Nuit des Epouvantails." Prior to the event, I photographed a few of the "epovantails" (scarecrows) in Denens on one of my bike rides. Denens is two-villages away from our home and occasionally the dogs and I walk that way, but I always ride by it on […]

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How Rome Tastes

I left the house for 15 minutes. Fifteen lousy minutes. Not a lot can happen in 15 minutes, right? "They say historians cannot fully explain the rise or fall of Rome. Soon, they will say that about Siberian mastications."

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Life As We Now Know It

This month's masthead is dedicated to adjusting to life as we now know it. All four of us have shown various signs of coping. Loki specifically has shown his coping strategies quite explicitly. Some days it breaks my heart. Other days, it makes me want to leap for joy to see him cope so eloquently. Juno […]

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Guess What?

Our fence is in! And not a moment too soon. It went in last week a day before Mr. Wild Dingo and I started our Cultural Training Program.  "Come again," you ask? Yes, that's right. Mr. Wild Dingo and I don't got no culture and we don't got no class. So we had to hire […]

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"Hey Princess, is it a coincidence that we live in a town (Tolochenaz) on the way to another town (Biere) named after Pop's favorite beverage?"

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A Room with a View

  I still can't get over the spectacular views we have from our home. We set up our office in the best part of the house, on the second floor, overlooking Lake Leman. Ok, it will always be Lake Geneva to me, but when in Rome, or I guess when in Morges ... "Hey Pop! […]

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