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Year: 2010

It Sucks Here

On a recent bike ride through the Jura villages, farms and mountains Mr. Wild Dingo says to me,"It totally sucks here."  And I'm like, "Ya, let's go home. Just one more ride."  In fact, it sucks so bad here that we couldn't even take photos of our lame-ass rides through the quaint villages or rolling hills.  […]

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Daily Serving

When I come up for air from the bottom of all the Ikea boxes invading our home, I'll manage to post some more of the gorgeous sites we've explored around the surrounding towns. For now I hope these hold you over. So far, Loki and Juno have only explored Switzerland on foot in a 1-hour radius […]

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Vous Comprenez?

That seems to be the staple thing that people say to me when I look at them like they're from Mars.  Another week has passed and I'm no better at speaking French. But I sure speak Ikea fairly well. Most of my time is spent shopping and buying home furnishings and it leaves little time for brushing up […]

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"Qu'est Ce Qu'ils Sont Beau"

  I get that said to me a lot on our walks. At least twice daily. "Hey Princess, I think that nice French lady just said we were beautiful!" "Comment dits-on "duh" en Francais?"

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I Don't Make this Stuff Up

So I come home after a long day of shopping and toss out some new toys for the dogs to keep them busy while I put things away. Both dogs are starving for some action. Loki especially misses training and working. He's desperate to play with anyone. Even at the expense of his own dignity. As […]

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Settling In

No rest for the weary.  This week, we got the wireless router working (it actually works if you do NOT follow the installation directions), received our air shipment with our clothing, and got the cable TV entertainment system working. Mr. Wild Dingo has been traveling on day trips throughout Europe, while I unpacked and walked the dogs, shopped […]

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Taking Disapproval to New Heights

  Well now I've done it. I've gone and caused chaos for the canines. How dare I. Their entire world as they've known it has been turned upside down--starting with that dog-awful 13-hour jail sentence. And now they don't have their luxurious home, their dog door, their tree house, NitWit Bridge or acres of land to […]

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Exploring the Farms

  The variety of walking trails straight from our home is extraordinary. The terrain ranges from wide open farm lands to forest trails and from quaint villages to modern suburbs and bustling towns along Lake Leman (Lake Geneva).    Juno is in Husky heaven. We get a lot of stares both on the farm and in towns. Most […]

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We Interupt this Swiss Programming for a Masticatory Break

I drove Mr. Wild Dingo to the airport yesterday. Nothing like arriving in a new country for 2 days and throwing me to the lions with "drive here and go there and speak to these people."  After the stress of driving on the highways and getting honked at in traffic circles, I came home to […]

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They Hate it Here

Awww... Look at this face! "Sigh." He's so depressed. It's like torture being here.

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