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Year: 2010

Holy Cr*p! I'm in Switzerland, With My Dogs!

Well, we made it. We left on Thursday afternoon from SFO and arrived at our home Friday evening. The only direct flight to Switzerland from SFO is Swiss Air to Zurich. We chose direct because we didn't want a layover with the dogs, otherwise we'd have chosen to fly into Geneva which is only 40 […]

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Leaving Los Gatos

Before we go,  Loki and Juno would like to share some memories of their adventures in a town named for cats. "Hey Handsome, how about you and me paint this "cat" town a little canine before we blow out of here?" "Cupcake, you crack the whip, I'll make trip."

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Moving Day

 "Princess, if we're working dogs,shouldn't we help the movers load the truck?" "It depends. What are they offering to satisfy my taste buds?"

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A Bad Trip

The dogs at Wild Dingo got tanked the other day. For reals. I slipped them the 'ole mickey in their morning snack. The big move to CH is now days away and I'm busy preparing. I don't plan on narc-ing them up for the plane ride over the east pond. Airline regulations do not permit it and […]

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Goodbye Mini

I sold the Mini Cooper this week. I cried like a baby. I'm not the kind of person to get attached to things. I can easily give away clothing, shoes, jewelry that I haven't worn in a year. I can even easily leave this home. But that Mini had sentimental meaning to me. For one […]

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Last Tour of Santa Cruz

I'm a bit obsessed lately with soaking up the coastline.  There's something about living near a coastline that feels free. You'd think I'd have spent all my free time at the beach, but like a lot of us in Silicon Valley, I took it for granted. I guess it takes moving to a country without […]

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Lifeguard on Duty

"Hey Daddy-O, how much you think this job pays?" "Princess, there isn't a big enough, juicy enough bone in the world to make me do this job."

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What Would Socrates Say?

I came home the other day and found Juno had done a little light reading. So I asked her what she learned. "The unexamined book is not worth reading. But it sure is worth chewing."

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Lighthouse Lovers

After surfing the waves, Loki and Juno chill out at the beaches' namesake, it's Lighthouse. "Hey Princess, check out that chick behind me staring at us. We must be celebrities, no?"

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Beach Bums Part Deux

As Beach Bums continues, we find our lead characters in the throws of drama. "Oh my dawg Princess! There's a labradoink out there in the big scary waters trying to kill a scary beast!" "We must save him!"  

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