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Swiss Cracker

Swiss Cracker

March 3, 2011
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It seems the Swiss love a little cracker to go with all that cheese! We met and walked with Tina, a 9-year old Jack Russel Terror who had plenty of her own crack-a-tude for my cracker and criminal.

"Hey little lady, you got some kind of cracked out chutzpuh! I think we like ya."

"I may be small but I'm full of crackery!"
"Awwe, it's so cute that you think you're a match for a Siberian!"

"Get ready ladies here comes Poppa Cracker. Comin' to busta Ritz on your tails!"

"Girlfriend, do you actually live with that cracker?"
"I know! Right? "

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14 comments on “Swiss Cracker”

  1. We have a not-so-nice JRT in our neighborhood - but it looks like your friend is at least up for some playtime. JRTs are pretty fast, but we bet you two are much faster.

    Phantom says to tell Juno he has his bags packed and will be waiting for his limo.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. We haven't had great experiences with JRTs around here! I am sure that you gave her a run for her money. Morgan and Bunny wanted to school an off leash Pug in the park today, but their mean humans wouldn't let them!

  3. Well, she seems to be holding her own among the young 'uns. I knew a JRT that was so teeennneee tiny I didn't know if it was a rodent or a dog. =s He wanted to be friends but I was just too confused! Tina seems like a good sport though. A good mate to do zoomies with! =)


  4. Heehee. Gotta love the little cracker dogs. I want to add one to the mix (a Yorkie, actually), but the husband isn't ready for another dog yet... What's up with the missing furs?

    -Dr. Liz (the beasts are on the porch playing in the new snow)

  5. JRT's are very much cracker dogs. My grandparents had one when I was little..He was a cracker with a Capital "C". The girls seem to enjoy themselves very much.
    I think the missing hair is from her test a few weeks ago where she had the Lumbar Puncture and other stuff.
    So happy to see her running around, hope there wasn't too much pain later in the evening.

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