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Lookin' for Love

Lookin' for Love

November 13, 2011
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She's come so far. Sometimes it's hard to believe. We still have strong memories of her growling and running away from Mr. Wild Dingo and insisting on her aloof ways. She still growls from time to time at him, sulking because Mr. Wild Dingo may have given Loki attention before giving it to her, or gave him more attention. You have to live with her to really understand her growling patterns stem from jealousy.

Sometimes in the early weekday mornings while I sleep in, Mr. Wild Dingo will have his breakfast in office and Juno will catch the pastry scent and get out of bed to join him, expecting a bite of her own. On other mornings, when she knows there's no pastry, she'll sleep in.  But a few mornings ago, Loki got up with Mr. Wild Dingo and though he didn't have any pastry or food, Juno could not handle her man giving more attention to the cracker than to her. She got out of bed that day, not for pastry, but to ask for love.

But don't point that out to her. She'll just deny it.

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11 comments on “Lookin' for Love”

  1. That's a beautiful shot to go with the post! I would never insinuate that the princess wouldn't be adored for being herself, nor that her admirers didn't all come from far and wide to pay homage to her. I'm sure that they all come to adore her!

  2. Nice picture. Zoe is a lot like that; asks for love but won't admit it. She sort of puts herself within our reach in case we want to scritch below her ears. She's not a cuddler but loves to hang out in the same room with us. Puts up with our hugs.

  3. Ah, after what Mr. Wild Dingo said, we can tell Juno is a gal after our own hearts. Abby is especially keen on equity and justice, which to her are pretty much the same thing.

    Jed & Abby

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