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When Nobody's Looking

When Nobody's Looking

November 11, 2011
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Every now and then, they make a break off the path and have a game of tag in the rows of vines. Though I don't encourage it and certainly call them out of it, I can't help but laugh when it happens. This time it was too perfect of a set up for a little track racing all the way back to me. Juno, sensitive to his ego, didn't even try.  Because he's not a husky. "Not everyone is perfect," she says, "or as fast as a Sibe."

But typically we stay on the paths. There are plenty of things to sniff, moles and field mice to chase. I don't allow them to take care of business, or lift a leg, anywhere near the vines. And not just because I actually drink the Chardonnay that comes from this vineyard.

But since the vines have been harvested for the year and the farm workers are gone, well, it can't hurt just this once for a game of tag. Right? Nobody's looking.  So it didn't really happen.

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7 comments on “When Nobody's Looking”

  1. wooo you sure the Swiss have not been influenced by Romans, those are some straight lines. Too right, nobodys looking, I didnt see a thing, those straight lines have got to be abused, perfect for racing 😉

  2. What beautiful countryside! That sunshine sure looks inviting! Please tell Loki "Good job!" from us. Please tell Juno we agree completely, and might we add that "graciousness" is also a Siberian trait. Ha-woo!

    Gentleman Jack & Miss Manners Moo

  3. Well, a little pee won't hurt the post-harvest vines. After all, the field critters probably pee and poop all around the vines, especially if they're feeding on the grapes or vines just before harvest. And we know your mom is picking up all the poop like a well trained doggie servant. 🙂 A little off road racing is good for the soul.

    Jed & Abby

  4. Jed & Abby: Oops! We meant to be playing in the vines, not poopin' or peein' in them! I generally don't let them even play there!

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