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Case Closed

Case Closed

July 9, 2013
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I woke up this morning and discovered one of my Crocs went missing.

Never fear Internet! Inspector Jodhpurs was on the case!


The crime was solved in a suspiciously expeditious manner.


Another capitalistic scheme by a shrewd entrepreneur.  She commits the crime, solves the case and expects a reward.


"I call my business model 'Closed Loop Caper.'  Don't bother trying to copy it. It's patented."

Phone just rang. It's Trump. For Juno.

Damn Sibe.

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9 comments on “Case Closed”

  1. Beautiful AND clever! No wonder everyone admires the jodhpurs! Thank heavens the girls aren't THAT clever! 😉 Actually, they have so many toys that they have never *knocks on wood* shown an interest in shoes.

    -Dr. Liz, who had an awesome bike ride today - only 25 miles (after working all day, that's about all I'm up for), but it was wonderfully hot, not very windy, and my legs FELT GOOD!!!!

  2. Juno, we've never noticed your little Inspector Chew-so mushtache before - or do you just wear it when you're working a case?


  3. I LOVE her "don't mess with me " look.....".I have your shoe and what are YOU going to do about it"...

  4. A poll conducted by CouponCodes4u.com, found that Crocs are 3rd on the list of shoes that men hate the most. She's just trying to help out... Oh, by all means also stay away from kitten heels! (% of men who found shoes unattractive):

    1. Wedge shoes -- 71 percent
    2. Uggs -- 67 percent
    3. Crocs -- 63 percent
    4. Platforms — 58 percent
    5. Flip flops — 55 percent
    6. Moccasins — 49 percent
    7. Mary Janes — 42 percent
    8. Ballet shoes — 37 percent
    9. Kitten heels — 34 percent
    10. Sneakers — 25 percent

  5. Colette: That is hilarious. MWD HATES uggs, but he's good with crocs and flip flops. You're right tho. She DOES have excellent taste!

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