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Cretan Ruin

We found this ancient artifact in Crete. In her day, she reined, Minoan Queen. Her paint sparkling pink in all it's newness. Loved by all, she lived a fast, hard life.  Ribbons of flair distract her admirers from broken parts and aging appearances. Yet she remains an icon of beauty.

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Bad Manners

"I didn't ask to see you. You sent for me. I don't mind you showing me your jodhpurs. They're swell jodphurs and it's a pleasure to make their acquaintance." "I don't think I care for boys who are lacking manners.  " "You should at least talk like a gentleman." "I don't mind if you don't like […]

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Criminal Sighs

Our hotel was just a 1-minute walk from the Bridge of Sighs. The enclosed bridge with the two square windows connects the prisons to the interrogation room in Doge's Palace, which by the way was much more stunning than I anticipated. A local legend says that lovers will be granted everlasting love and bliss if […]

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A Taste of Venice

Maybe I'm biased, but Italian food is hands down, the best cuisine in the world. Most often it's simply prepared but can be as equally elegant as French cuisine. In Italian cuisine,  flavors are raw, original and not subverted. While French cuisine is complex, flavor can sometimes be hidden or overtaken. Italian food on the other hand, never […]

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Overheard in Yoga Class

"Monter le jambon? WTF does ham have to do with wheel pose?!"

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Those Who are Nutty Do Not Get Fruit Cup

"Maladive attachée," said Bernard when we picked up the dogs last week. This trip, Loki never settled down. Bernard had many dogs this time and apparently, Loki plays really well with the big dogs, but when he wasn't playing, he was barking, crying or trying to escape.

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A Lesson in Luggage Gastronomy

Not long after Mr. Wild Dingo and I moved to Switzerland, we found a perfect pizza joint close to our house. By definition, this joint was homey, rustic, with plenty of miss-matching furniture, packed with locals and a friendly service staff. It even had home delivery and take out services. It seemed like the perfect solution for a […]

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Such Great Heights

When we first moved to Switzerland, I listened to this song from The Postal Service a lot around the house and on the bike trainer. I felt like it was a great description of our lives here. Mr. Wild Dingo was always traveling and I was always missing him. Living abroad is a dream opportunity that many aspire to, but […]

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Random Scenes Around Crete

The Venetian Fort overlooking Chania's outer harbor. Chania, Crete's Venetian quarter, was the perfect place to stay. For centuries this tiny harbor port area has been fought over and controlled by Minoans, Mycaneans, Romans, Byzantinnes, Ventians, Genoese, Turks and Egyptians.  

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