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Knosos Knockers

"Bulls and boobies," said Mr. Wild Dingo as we left Knosos, "that pretty much sums up Minoan society." Well, sorta. There were plenty of other symbols around Knosos.

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Minoan Spirals

The first thing you notice about Cretan culture is the impact of spiral design on both ancient Minoan and modern-day art. 

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Luxury Enablers

For fun, Mr. Wild Dingo and I read our "compatibility horoscope" while in Crete.  The 14-page document basically summed up that we both liked to do everything in excess. In other words, we're luxury enablers.

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Special Clearance

Airplane window view passing over the Alps returning home to Geneva from Crete. On the flight to Crete over the New Year holiday, we flew very low over the Alps. The pilot seemed to circle them and the airline attendants ran around excitedly telling us to look out the window. The pilot flew very low for stunning […]

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Breathing Room for the Soul

So much about teaching yoga is about teaching how to create space: space in our bodies, space in our minds and space in our lives. Your space is where you find yourself again and again.

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Some Days...

... it doesn't get any better than this. (Alps over Lake Léman, View from My Office Window)

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Fairytale Whine

A few of you have asked about the castle in some of the shots I take and post on this blog. I've written about it a few times but not in-depth. It's Vufflens the castle in the municipal called Vufflens Le Chateau, population 781. The castle was built in the middle ages and is unique because it was one […]

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My Old Man

Mr. Wild Dingo turned 50 today. I woke up this morning and kissed him goodbye for work as usual then got and my car and went to my doctor's appointment. I felt like I was forgetting something. When I got to the office, I remembered that I forgot to tell him "Happy Birthday." So I […]

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Better Than a Box of Chocolates

Love is the perfect pillow when you need it most.

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Bitter Italian

If given a last meal request, most people would request steak, fried food and creamy desserts. But not this crazy Italian. She'd request Bitter Italian Vegetables sauté. It's a flavorful dish, easy to make and versatile. You can use it as a main meal adding sausage, as I did above, or toss it with penne pasta. […]

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