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Craquettes and Raquettes

Look at that face. Frozen whiskers. Sad eyes.  It breaks your heart, doesn't it?

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And Then There Were Three

I found this photo that Mr. Wild Dingo took while he was home for three weeks over the winter holidays. He spoiled the dogs with attention and broke all the household rules.  He walked with us every day and got a real appreciation of the work that's truly required for these two. And now I […]

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Picking Up Where I Left Off

Like the rest of the Western world, there's no snow in Switzerland. We saw this light dusting just before the holidays. Mr. Wild Dingo was on vacation and had the pleasure of a freshly fallen snow walk with the cracker and the criminal in the forest. ***

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First Things First

"There's nothing worse than soaking wet Jodhpurs!" The only downside of the dogs vacationing at Bernard's is that in the winter, they come home smelling like smoke. All dogs are indoor dogs at Bernard's, and he and his wife seem to be smokers. But it's a small price to pay for the luxury of having them stay in a "home" […]

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Even the Naughty Get Presents

By the end of the day, that Santa the subject of a Formosan-Siberian Tug-0-War. The Formosan ended up with the red jacket and the Sibe took the naked Santa as her prize.

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Father Christmas?

Nothing makes me happier than to make Mr. Wild Dingo uncomfortable. So when our neighbor stopped me in our driveway Friday night to ask if Mr. Wild Dingo would like to be "Father Christmas" for his three children, I didn't hesitate:  "Yes of course he'll do it," I answered. Like I'm going to ask Mr. Wild Dingo his […]

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Oops! She Did it Again!

"Don't blame me. I was just wrapping your present."

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His Dog

They're an unlikely pair. Juno and Mr. Wild Dingo. He prefers goofy, gruff, manly dogs and she prefers me. But every Sunday, the one day per week the four of us are together,  she's his and he's hers for the day. The ritual of taking her leash each Sunday has bonded them in ways beyond my imagination.

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Should We Clean This Up?

Or should we just move? This is just a small peak into the tornado that seemed to blow INTO my home the other day. Someone TP'd the downstairs foyer as well. Three rolls of toilet paper unrolled and chewed up along with only one flip-flop. Loki's so disgusted he can't even turn to look at the […]

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Goatees: Badass or Adorable? Discuss.

Ahhh! Now I get it! So that's where the term "goatee" comes from. It's funny how goatees on men give them a bit of a sinister look, but on a goat, with their bedroom eyes and pink smiles, they just look darlin'.

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