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Hot Stock Tip

Wild Dingo predicts a bull market in the flip flop industry. Timing: 24-hours after Mr. Wild Dingo finds this latest flip flop mastication. Zappos stock headed for sharp gains. (Sorry Mr. Wild Dingo)

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Smooth Talker

Remember how I wrote that Loki and Juno would call off horses and cows?  Apparently some distractions are too hard to resist. Like this hunk of burnin' love above.   Juno caught the scent on this distinguished fella and recalling was futile.  He was equally smittin with Juno.

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They Survived

Meet Bernard, our kennel keeper. As I drove to Bernard's to drop off the dogs on Wednesday, I had a knot in my stomach.  But it vanished as soon as I stepped out of the car to greet Bernard. Bernard's calm demeanor and soothing voice, "Ca va,"  immediately comforts me and I know my dogs are […]

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Someone Pinch Me

This month's masthead is dedicated to my inability to shut my bottom jaw anytime I'm walking the villages and vineyards in Switzerland. Someone needs to pinch me because sometimes I can't believe I live here, even if it's only  temporary.

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It's Contagious

I made a mistake and didn't get Juno vaccinated. She caught it from Loki.

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Trail Flirting

That's not who woo think it is.

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Playing with Fire

"Oh hey Daddy-O! It looks like lunch time!" I know what you're all thinking Internet. That I have a screw loose. Well, that's probably true. However, how was I supposed to know those cows were grazing behind us, 100 feet from the Lake Leman where Loki was just learning to dunk, err, I mean, swim?  Cows in Switzerland turn […]

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A carefree afternoon on the shores of Lac Leman.

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Ivy League Kennels

Sometimes I forget just how well-behaved these two really are. I witness their foibles daily and know just how imperfect they are. Then one day, one person, whose  opinion actually matters tells me "they're well-trained dogs," and I realize all that work we did and still do is not for naught.

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A Taste for Leadership

Juno gave us yet another book review. "This book says 'what you cannot enforce, do not command.'  That sounds like good advice, huh Pop?"

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