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If Looks Could Kill

Post Traumatic Siberian Stare otherwise known as Post Bath Stink-Eye. "I'm so documenting this in my memoires of the abuse and traumas I'm subjected to."

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Spring Training

Since her weigh-in on January 28, Juno lost 2.2 lbs. She was 30kg (66 lbs) and is now down to 29 kg (63.8 lbs), but that's still too high. She needs to lose 2 more kg (4 lbs).  When researching raw-feeding, I read that a 60 lb dog will roughly need about 500 grams of food per day. […]

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The Return of Juno's Inner-Cracker

One of the things I love about Loki is his ability to go from zero to completely crackers in 3.5 seconds--for no reason. He'll suddenly bust into circle sprints:  tail and butt tucked under, ears flat back, mouth wide open, eyes dialed wild and paws in full-throttle. Yesterday, Juno busted out the crack-a-tude too-- for no apparent reason: Oh yeah, her body language meets all […]

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Swiss Cracker

It seems the Swiss love a little cracker to go with all that cheese! We met and walked with Tina, a 9-year old Jack Russel Terror who had plenty of her own crack-a-tude for my cracker and criminal. "Hey little lady, you got some kind of cracked out chutzpuh! I think we like ya."

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Balance is Restored

Mr. Wild Dingo is home. Loki is ecstatic to have his ultimate tug partner back.  Juno's thrilled to have the object of her disdain back. Nothing like a few husky huffs of disapproval to score some bites of French bread. The photo below was taken a few weeks ago on one of the docks in Morges. […]

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I Told Him So

  Mr. Wild Dingo is due home tomorrow. Hopefully he'll either note that Juno and Loki have lost a little weight and he won't be tempted to give them too many treats or he'll note that Juno and Loki have not lost a little weight and he won't be tempted to give them too many […]

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Herding Horses is Hard Work!

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Finding Serenity and Courage

  Last Wednesday, I hit an all-time low in my few years as a dog-handler, dog-owner and dog-protector when Juno gave chase to a horseback rider. I wouldn't exactly say she chased them as much as she followed them, gingerly, running along side them and stopping when they stopped and trotting when they trotted. * Loki also participated […]

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Last night we went to a French play, Soupçons, directed by our French teacher's son. Our French teacher is delightful. She almost makes me want to be a better student. Soupçons is a play based on the drama Staircase, a 9-hour film documenting the trial of Michael Peterson, accused of murdering his wife in North Carolina. […]

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A Big Sigh of Relief

Juno's home from the MRI. "Hey, it was nothin' Big Boy, why are you so worried?" "Well, I was worried that they shaved your jodhpurs, but I see that they are intact, thank dog!"

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