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Now All of Switzerland Knows My Dogs are Smarter than I Am

The day started innocently enough. We stopped by the Tulip Festival again this week so I can try one more time to get a photo of Juno's yellow eyes next to some yellow tulips.

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She's Perfect

"She's perfect," said Juno's Physical Torturer, Therapist, Mme. Gauthier. She noticed Juno's walking gate was a perfect long, stress-free stride. Juno rolls her eyes. "Sibes don't come any other way lady."

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Tempting Fate

  Tempting Fate: That's what Mr. Wild Dingo calls this series of photos.  

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La Dolce Vita

Our cultural trainer and advisor recently emailed me to follow up on how we were doing.  She was pleased to hear I had started cooking and finding my creativity again. She was writing from Milan where she had taken time to appreciate "the sweet life" and "la bella figura." She herself had been inspired to "refuse to live ugly"--in the […]

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The Methodology of Shoe Tasting

Recently, I went to a wine tasting in Lausanne. Scratch that. It was a wine appreciation because they served hors d'ouvres with each wine to help understand how wine flavor can be balanced with food. I don't know much about how to taste wine or pair it with food, so it was a great experience.  Who knew […]

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Joie de Vivre

I call this crackey. The Swiss call it "joie de vivre."

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There's a new breed of Husky in town--the Hydroberian!  Juno's back on the water treadmill as she was same time last year. As expected, she's not too pleased about it. But we're all pleased with the results! "Yeah, I know the drill. Woo torture the husky by drowning her jodhpurs. And I walk the hydroplank. "

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Look Who's Woo-in' Now

Looks like Juno found her Inner Woo!

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To Leash or Not To Leash?

Mr. Wild Dingo and I paid a visit to the Foundation de l'Hermitage last weekend. It's a 19th century estate with a small art collection of 800 or so paintings, mostly impressionists. There were a few Degas and some Picasso and a whole bunch of artists I have never heard of.

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Exercising Balance

My whole life, balance has been a recurring theme. And in dog handling, it's no different. Green grass and rolling hills. Tons of places for dogs to safely run.  It's what I envisioned when Mr. Wild Dingo proposed moving to Switzerland.

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