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Thoughtless Thursday

I'm a day behind in posting, so instead of posting a Wordless Wednesday photo like many of the extended pack, I'm going to post a Thoughtless Thursday-- old photos that don't take much too much thought. Wild Dingo has guests this week so posting will be light for the rest of the week. I know Wild Dingo's 3 readers […]

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Friday Fivers

Remember that Go Orange Photoshoot Wild Dingo participated in a few months ago?  Well, shockingly we did not win or even make the final five. But then again, though they were rescued, they weren't rescued from an SPCA. For now, I resurrected some of the shots that didn't make the cut for the shoot. Friday Fivers […]

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Beach Blanket Bombs

"Hey Daddy-O, this class is cramping my style. Let's make like a tree and leave." "Keep talking. I got a lot of room left in my ears yet."

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Friday's Are for Punks

It may come as no surprise to Wild Dingo readers to hear me say that Loki is a punk. Ya'll know he's a bad boy disguised as a good boy in training. During Wednesday night's beach class, the trainer asked me to sit him half-way to me during a 600-foot recall, while an assistant held […]

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Home Remodel

How is it that we've lived in our home now two years and we have yet to finish a bathroom, put in landscaping, buy artwork, furnish the dining room, repaint areas that need painting or do any of the 457 things that need to be done, but our dogs' treehouse is already on its first […]

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Chronicles of Loki

For the three readers who actually read this blog, the few who know Loki and ALL the dog handlers at the K-9 Clinic, you all know how far he's come. Last year, I couldn't last 3 minutes in class without him yapping, jumping, mouthing and thrashing around like a raving lunatic. Now, when he goes to training […]

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Beach Yahoos

Last year, I took Juno to beach classes without Loki because she had to do a few special classes for her Therapy Dog certification. When I worked Juno by herself, I had absolutely no obedience problems with her. She did everything perfectly: stayed, came, heeled, sat on picnic tables. She even hurdled over BBQ stands on command. After she got her […]

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Dream Job

One of my current jobs is to keep the photos and content updated on The K9 Clinic Web site. Can you say "dream job?"  How fun is it to add photos and think of silly captions? Check it out! Twinkle Toes, the Formosan Jumping Bean,  shows us it takes more than one human hurdle to challenge […]

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I Can't Understand Why GSD's and Huskies are UnInsurable

Can you? Wanna be startin' somthin'...

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Brawn or Brains?

Everyone sorely mistakes Juno for the shy, not-too-smart member of our family. But anyone who knows Siberian Huskies, knows just how crafty they can be to get exactly what they want. And Juno is no different. This past year, though Juno has always submitted to Loki's bully behavior, she slowly has found devious ways of leveraging […]

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