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When the Cat's Away, the Dogs Will...

When the Cat's Away, the Dogs Will...

July 20, 2010
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... have pillow fights.

"Nothing says "I missed you" like pillow entrails. I cared enough to shred the very best."

I was in Luasanne, Switzerland house hunting for our move this past week. Loki and Juno's personal chef, entertainer and companion kept me updated on how they handled being without me. "Loki and Juno are doing so well! They're so well behaved,"  wrote Diane in her e-mails, "I'm going to miss them and I would love to come to Switzerland just to pet sit them!"

Um, sure Diane. And shredding pillows is considered "behaved" in what universe?  Are you sure you want to pet sit them again? Figures they saved the pillow mess just for me. Nobody ever believes me when I say these two are trouble.

"I had nothing to do with this Mom! Swear to dogs!"

Loki and Juno met Diane the week before I left and hit it off with her just fine. Loki even let her take his leash, something he never stands for when I'm around. Dog-forbid anyone but his Mom be attached to him. When Diane left, I warned her that Loki will definitely appear intimidating on her first day. "He'll bark and act like a cracked-out Cujo ready to eat you," I told her. "Oh I'm not intimidated by him," Diane assured me. "He's quite sweet."  I smiled knowingly to myself.

Diane's first email to me read something to the tune of: "I must admit, I was quite apprehensive approaching the gate with Loki barking aggressively and was a bit intimidated." Sigh. Do I know my cracker-dog or what?

Loki  has two greetings: Cracked-Out-Cujo, and "I'm your BEST friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!"  By the 3rd visit, they were best pals and Diane wrote: "Loki and I are buddies. Period. He follows me everywhere and I can play with him quite roughly very confidently." Sigh. Just as expected.

I'm not sure if Juno ever warmed up to her more than approaching her quickly then bouncing away, but at least she wasn't rude enough to pull a Cujo on her.

I'll have more later this week with photos from the trip and of the Wild Dingo Estate Abroad. Regardless of the pillow mess, it was great to be home among the endless kisses.

In the mean time, which one looks guilty to you, Internet? Let me give you a hint. And another hint. And another hint. And, sigh, another hint.

"SHE started it mom!"
"I resent the biasness I am being treated with. Prior convictions have no bearing on this case."

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19 comments on “When the Cat's Away, the Dogs Will...”

  1. I'm sure that's not pillow stuffing stuck between Juno's teeth and between her toes! Actually, that looks like cat hair on the window ledge. I think they were both framed!

  2. Didn't woo read about the nasty nasty giant killer skhwirrel infestations whilst woo were eating Swiss Sweets?

    Once again, Wild Dingo Woman is SOOOOOOOO unappreciative of the khanine labours!

    Pantyloons, Jodhpurs, and Phlooferfil,

  3. Nice job Juno, I think we need to take some lessons from you. We are good at papers, plants, chewing on wood furniture, base boards and stuffies but we have never exploded a pillow.

    Keep up the good work.

    Remy and Flash

  4. Ack! And here I thought it was just an explosion of undercoat! Well, judging from that last photo, obviously the husky had nothing to d with this. You don't see HER hanging her head in shame, now do you?

    jack a-roo & miss moo, who knows nothing about such things either.

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