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Year: 2010

Doggie Gras

Mr. Wild Dingo and I decided to host a yearly Mardi Gras party, partly because our house is unconsciously designed in those colors and themes and partly because we love an excuse to party! Last year, these two crashed our party and did this:

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Fun with a Box

Last Friday, I was super busy running around to post offices and Visa organizations trying to fix the status of my eaten passport. The chaps at the Visa office and the town clerk recorder's office had a good chuckle at the story. Anyway, by the time I got home, there was no time for a […]

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Escalator Vs. Cracked-Out Dog. Guess Who Wins?

Thursday night we joined our training group for training in a closed-down retail store. There are lots of obstacles such as elevators and escalators, and retail equipment to tunnel through. It's good training for dogs in service such as Therapy Dogs (like Juno) and cracked-up dogs (like Loki). "Princess I don't know about you, but I […]

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The Husky Ate My Passport

  Seriously. Why should I be surprised? After all, she also ate my Mini-Cooper. This time, I put my shoes away AND hid the trash can. I left my important identity file folder out on top of my desk because I need to renew my passport. She helped herself to the folder. When I got home, it looked like […]

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Mango Minster Entry #2: Loki J. Starling & Bonus Entry

Since Juno's alpha doggie around here, Loki had to wait his turn to compile his entry for Mango Minster . He's been patient (ha!) so lets get right to it. Naturally first we thought of the Herding category since he is half German Shepherd, but the only photo we could find was this:   But lets face it. Loki […]

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Mango Minster Entry #1: Juno-Belle-Jodhpurs

Juno has been bugging me for weeks to get her entry into Mango Minster, but we've been so busy doing other things like, preparing to move, producing custom jodhpurs,  making New Year Resowootions, doing Siberian Pilates and cleaning off muddy dogs. And we've been wrestling with which category to enter her in. The first category […]

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NitWit Rapids

It's been raining cats and dogs here in Northern California. Loki, Juno and I barely sneak out for an hour in between storms on our walks to the tree farm or school. NitWit Bridge has class 4 rapids running below it. Well, class 4 for a squirrel I guess since the river is a bit […]

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Drama Queen

Yesterday started as a nice day. Instead of waking up to the bucketing downpour we've been getting every morning, we had sunshine. While Mr. Wild Dingo prepared to leave for Switzerland for a week, we headed out for a nice long walk to the tree farm where they both got to run free with 2 Northern dogs, […]

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Um, Loki?

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Rainy Days and Tuesday's

Not too long ago, I teased The Herd about not walking in the rain. I egged them on and told them to go get their human's rain gear and make them take them out on a walk. The shoe is on the other foot. I have wussy dogs. Neither one will brave the rain to […]

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