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Year: 2010

How to Drive Your Dog Crazy, With No Effort

For Christmas I bought a Chase It toy from Planet Blue Dog for the two to share. Talk about minimal effort to exercise your dog. This thing is like crack to them. Especially if you have a cracker insane dog like Loki. These are a few photos from a day after Christmas playing with the toy.  Um, Darwin, […]

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Sunday Muddy Sunday!

I turn my back for 3 seconds: "Digging? Who, me? What mud?"

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Jodhpurs for BT's & Hope

It was a pure coincidence that 2 BT's were runner ups in the Wild Dingo Big News contest. And since Dozer and Dotti haven't sent me a photo of their derriere for their jodhpur fittings, I had to go ahead and ship the custom made jodhpurs for Hubbles (who's alias is Bougalou Bear) and Mack […]

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Siberian Pilates

Thigh master, low impact aerobics, Tae Bo,  Winslow Pilates, Power Yoga? They're so five-minutes ago. Siberian Pilates is all the rage. Juno's core- strengthening routine is making her a super star. We may just have to enter her in Mango Minster in the sporty dog category. Here's a little look into what Juno's Physical Therapy looks like. […]

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Because I Can...

Why in the world would I take my dogs to the dog park and then make them do obedience exercises?  Because its fun. Because I'm mean. (Booowhahahha!)  Because I love our trainer's motto: obedience, anytime, anyplace, under any circumstance. Most of all, because I can. Loki was and still is a reactive, alert dog. When I […]

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First Base

"I'll give you a walk to first base this time buddy. But you'll have to buy me dinner before you ever see the jodhpurs."

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Search Day at the Tree Farm

Wednesday was Search Training day at Wild Dingo! We invited a bunch of friends over to take turns hiding and braved the ticks while we hid ourselves for a single dog and handler to conduct a search. Overall, it was a really fun and successful training experience. Each dog got two or three searches (that's plenty when you realize […]

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"I will not use the nearby Siberian as a head rest."

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Sleeping Beauty

I was too sick to party on New Years this year, but apparently, somepup wasn't! What can I say? My dogs lead a much more glamorous life than I do. Sleeping Beauty catches up on her much needed rest after a four-day party weekend.

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Happy Woo Year!

A day late and a dollar short on my masthead this month. I must be setting the stage for low expectations for the coming months!  This month's header celebrates the blue moon we had on New Year's Eve 2009. Apparently, the next time we will see a blue moon on New Year's eve is 2028. […]

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