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Hello Autumn! We've Been Expecting Woo!

Hello Autumn! We've Been Expecting Woo!

September 29, 2019
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Benjamin Franklin was wrong. In addition to death and taxes, there's one other thing that's certain in life, and that's change. There's been a lot of change here at Casa Wild Dingo. Change of season means longer walkies for Juno, which makes her happy. She's a bit grumpy in the heat of summer so the fall is always a welcome change. It's also a favorite season for me too.  It can be difficult to discern Spring from Summer as they meld into each other. The air is thick and the colors are bright and cheerful.  Autumn, on the other hand, stands alone in its magnificence. It's easy to spot it. The colors are warm and the air is crisp.  It's strange how death can be so beautiful. Every year it reminds me that nothing is permanent, except change. 

Unfortunately for the cracker and the criminal, these deep thoughts inspired me to change their odorous conditions via the dreaded bath.

This is the face of scorn resulting from the violation of an unsanctioned bath.

“Principessa, why are woo all smiles? We were just violated with a bath!”
“Big Boy, is that a rhetorical question? I’m planning the appropriate retaliatory response. Let’s see, I’ve already destroyed her shoes, her favorite books, her passport, her car. I think I’ll just surprise her when she gets home later tonight. It’s the thought that counts. Tee-hee-hee. I crack myself up, Daddy-O!”
“What? As far as I’m concerned, I let you off easy.” I got served.
It brings up one more reminder that the more things change, the more they stay the same!

Hello Autumn! We've been expecting woo!
Masthead October 2019

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One comment on “Hello Autumn! We've Been Expecting Woo!”

  1. Charlee: "We've been expecting autumn here, too, and it finally showed up, but very, very late!"
    Chaplin: "We like the hotter weather just fine but it makes Dada grumpy. Something about air conditioning bills, whatever those are."
    Lulu: "Is that like classical conditioning?"
    Charlee: "Um ... maybe?"
    Lulu: "Juno, I know retaliation is fun, but you might consider soliciting extra bribes instead in exchange for not destroying everything. It's kind of like a protection racket. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!"

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