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Passionately Dedicated to the Pursuit of Short Term Goals

It's time to take a page out of my dog's book on living. In my life, I've been disciplined, dedicated and goal-oriented. I've had ambitions and dreams, just like anyone else. For the past few years, I've been struggling a bit with guilt that surrounds my no longer having any dreams. Lately, even my hobbies […]

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Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

Purple haze all in my brain. Lately things don't seem the same.   I've got Jimi on my brain for September's masthead. In addition to having difficulty writing simple blog posts, it seems my amateur capacity for moderately decent photography has gone to crap. Sifting through all my photos taken in the past months was […]

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Searching for our Groove

This month's masthead was inspired by this song from The Boss. As much as I'd like to bare my Sylvia Plath side, Mr. Wild Dingo would be mortified if I went with my original idea theme, Paint it Black.  Hang on, Internet, you'll understand in a minute. Mr. Wild Dingo's nick name while in the […]

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Rock Bottom Never Looked So Good

I don't know why everyone is so pessimistic about rock bottom. From where I'm standing, it looks pretty good!

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Bottoms Up!

When I'm feeling blue, nothing cheers me up than a shot like this. Doggie butts are silly. I was going to cover up their butt-holes for obvious reasons, but then I realized, butt-holes are a part of real life and unavoidable. Like the kinds you run into while on a pleasant dog walk, bothering nobody […]

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Members Only

Last month, Mr. Wild Dingo installed the on and off ramps to the tree house and raised their flag at full staff.  They were dismantled for safety reasons while we were living in Switzerland. Juno was pleased as punch. Lately she enjoys eating her raw bones up there after her morning runs. Both dogs are […]

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You Can Never Hold Back Spring

Every now and then, Mr. Wild Dingo and I will put on an old play list and this song by Tom Waits will play.  Every time without fail, one of us will always say, "Maggie's song."  It was very clear how seasons affected Maggie, especially later in life. In January, her mood and energy would […]

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Adventures in Cross-training

Fresh air and exercise agrees with everyone. According to Mr. Wild Dingo, who noticed Juno's elevated mood lately as she teased Loki into games of tug and play: "There's just something about good exercise that agrees with the husky." Huh. Who needs health studies and medical associations to tell us the obvious? If the husky's […]

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Starking Delicious

I've been wanting to use this photo for over a year. I can't think of a more appropriate time than now. Nine and a half days.  I made it through 9 and a half days of a 10 day fast. Yup. I was short just 8 hours.  You may be saying "Doh! You were so […]

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The Clearest Way Into the Universe

We've been spending our holiday vacation balancing time between the forest wilderness and the wilderness of unpacked moving boxes and heaps of stuff that needs to be recycled, donated or thrown out. Slowly we're making our way into an organized home. The old me wouldn't do anything else until the house was unpacked and settled […]

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