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Love is the Bridge Between Two Hearts

Phthph!  This month's masthead is totally sappy. I don't do sappy well. I hemmed and hawed. I kicked and stammered. But Mr. Wild Dingo, who's even less sappier than me, twisted my arm and told me to run it. It's just as well. This week, I'm giving a yoga class themed on love in light […]

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Let's Go Crazy

This month's header is dedicated to my favorite song by Prince that I've been playing on my iPod whenever I ride the indoor bike trainer. Shortly after returning home from Istanbul, I got serious about solving my health problems. I was pretty sick this summer before my London trip in July.  Remember how I fell […]

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Father Christmas?

Nothing makes me happier than to make Mr. Wild Dingo uncomfortable. So when our neighbor stopped me in our driveway Friday night to ask if Mr. Wild Dingo would like to be "Father Christmas" for his three children, I didn't hesitate:  "Yes of course he'll do it," I answered. Like I'm going to ask Mr. Wild Dingo his […]

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Sugar Plums

I'm so depressed. This time last year we had a Winter Woonderland. There was fresh snow and visiting family. Now, there isn't a flake of snow in sight.  How could I top last year's masthead?

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Wherever We Go...There We Are

"Princess, where are we going?" "Daddy-O, we are already there."

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Harvest Woo-lighting

When I met Mr. Wild Dingo, his home was filled with tons of sun themes. I like the sun. I like sunny days. But if given the choice of my favorite celestial object, sun, moon or stars, I'll pick the moon every time. And autumn harvest moons are my favorites. I don't know why I'm […]

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In the Blink of an Eye

It seems like yesterday that we arrived here in Switzerland, but it was already a year ago. Time flies when you're walking dogs in a beautiful country. The harvest is here. The kids are back in school. Last year at this time we were just beginning to explore the farms and though now they are so […]

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I Have Nothing to Say, And I'm Saying It

I know what you're thinking. There's no dog in this month's masthead. But like the real Europeans they've become, Loki and Juno insisted on taking this month off from working, like everyone else. Don't worry, their regular photos will back this week. I convinced them that taking time off modeling for a masthead was like a […]

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This Place Rocks

This month's masthead came from an outing we did just yesterday in Lausanne, at a Parc Vidy. We met up with another Anglophone who had been advertising dog walks in this area for a while now. This place rocks. Lausanne loves dogs and provides plenty of areas for them to be on or off leash in fenced […]

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Someone Pinch Me

This month's masthead is dedicated to my inability to shut my bottom jaw anytime I'm walking the villages and vineyards in Switzerland. Someone needs to pinch me because sometimes I can't believe I live here, even if it's only  temporary.

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