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April's Flower Power

This month's masthead conveys the results of what April Showers may bring. I never know what I'm going to do for my monthly masthead until I sit down at the computer. And I'm always amazed at the metaphors I subconsciously conjure. Yes, I had a Flower Power post earlier. But honestly, we all know Juno is […]

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In Like a Lion

This month's masthead celebrates the weather we seem to be experiencing across the U.S. Even in Northern California, March has rolled in on a week of more rain and storms.

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Doggie Gras

Mr. Wild Dingo and I decided to host a yearly Mardi Gras party, partly because our house is unconsciously designed in those colors and themes and partly because we love an excuse to party! Last year, these two crashed our party and did this:

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Happy Woo Year!

A day late and a dollar short on my masthead this month. I must be setting the stage for low expectations for the coming months!  This month's header celebrates the blue moon we had on New Year's Eve 2009. Apparently, the next time we will see a blue moon on New Year's eve is 2028. […]

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Mastheads 2009

In 2009 I committed to changing my masthead every month because I always grew so weary with my site design. What I was really bored with was the concept, not so much the colors or layout. So I decided to switch out my masthead monthly so it would feel fresh each month. Turns out, it […]

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Dingo Bells

"MUSH!" Hmmm. What's wrong with this banner? Something seems a bit, oh I don't know, unusual! Like, isn't the husky supposed to pull the sleigh, not sit in it? December's banner celebrates Juno's ability to make everyone, including Loki, giggle with delight and bend to her will using only her Siberian charm. Over the past year, […]

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The Other White Meat

November's masthead is dedicated to the softer side of Wild Dingo -- that would be Mr. Wild Dingo. The original story board was Loki and Juno chasing a turkey. Loki with an axe in his mouth, Juno with a fork, knife and napkin. The caption was going to read, "It's just a friendly game of […]

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Rhymes with "Boo"

Woo! October is "Woo!" Month! How can I resist a Halloween theme for October's Masthead? Two dogs howling at the moon couldn't be more appropriate. "Rhymes with 'Boo'" is aimed at my Siberian Husky and Siberian Husky friends. Unfortunately, Juno doesn't actually "woo" and oddly, Loki "woo's" at Emergency vehicles as if he were a […]

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Engineered for Nitwits

This month's masthead feature's NitWit Bridge. I've mentioned NitWit bridge a few times to friends and occasionally on this site. I even featured a few of the photos in an old gallery that no longer exists. But I never really told its story. I've neglected featuring photos or mentioning it because it was so closely tied to Maggie, […]

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Miles Away from the Behaved

Loki & Juno holiday annually on the Isle of the Ill-Behaved This month's masthead celebrates a year's worth of obedience lessons that has resulted in common passerby claiming, "they're such good dogs," or, "they're really obedient" and my favorite, "they're so well-behaved!" If they only knew.

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