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Foiling the Theory--One Yellow Tulip at a Time

I had another masthead for May in mind but Mr. Wild Dingo insisted on more tulips. Because it's obvious you all haven't had enough of them. Obviously the headline is referring to my national blunder of accidentally insulting the Morges Tulip Festival.  Not only can dogs see the color yellow, but my answer reflected nothing about […]

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Everything is Oh-Quai!

Thanks to the TravelMarx for the pun, I have my theme for April. Actually it couldn't be more fitting. As Mr. Wild Dingo and I continue to massacre the French language, we are forgetting how to speak English. The French use the verb "faire" (to do or to make) quite a bit as in "faire cuire," which […]

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Eat, Play, Sleep

This month's header is dedicated to the book. It seems I'm living my own version of Eat, Pray, Love, here in Switzerland-- doggie-style. After all, dogs are the epitome of perfect yogi's.

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Justice Has a Righteous Crib

February's masthead is dedicated to justice. And why wouldn't it? Dispensing justice is a way of life here at Wild Dingo. With Loki's cujo-cracker behavior, Juno's regular mastications and my daily skillet beatings, err, training sessions, it's a regular San Chillon here. Ever since we discovered chateaus themed in justice dispensing here in Switzerland, the dog's have been petitioning  […]

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Nobody's Pigeon

What is a dove, But a pigeon With higher aspirations. May your new year be filled with Hopes and dreams attained, Peace and prosperity gained, And may you be, Nobody's pigeon.

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Winter Woonderland

December's masthead celebrates our new adventures in a new climate. Neither dog has ever experienced snow so it has been a blast taking in their delight and wonder at the powdery stuff. At first Juno seemed indifferent to the weather, but the more the snow falls, the more she seems to enchanted with it. She savors being belly-deep in […]

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I Suppose This Will Do

This month's masthead features another stunning photo right outside our office window taken from this photo below.   The dogs are settling in and are finally starting to appreciate living here. Loki's resigned himself to "making do" with this terrible living arrangement. One look out the window on any given day and we all find […]

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Life As We Now Know It

This month's masthead is dedicated to adjusting to life as we now know it. All four of us have shown various signs of coping. Loki specifically has shown his coping strategies quite explicitly. Some days it breaks my heart. Other days, it makes me want to leap for joy to see him cope so eloquently. Juno […]

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Taking Disapproval to New Heights

  Well now I've done it. I've gone and caused chaos for the canines. How dare I. Their entire world as they've known it has been turned upside down--starting with that dog-awful 13-hour jail sentence. And now they don't have their luxurious home, their dog door, their tree house, NitWit Bridge or acres of land to […]

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A Daring Adventure or Bust

May's banner is dedicated to the beginning of beginning a new beginning. "Come again," you say? It's been almost 6 months since we knew about our move to Luasanne, Switerzland.  And funny enough, we were informed the entire process would take only as long as 12 weeks. It's been about 12 weeks longer than the 12 week […]

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