Dear Diary, Nothing New Happened

If you were to take a peek into my teenage diary, you would find about 360 pages of “Dear diary, Nothing new happened today.” The other 5 pages might read what I got for Christmas or a grade on a test and talk about how wildly unfair the teacher was.  Sadly, my teenage writer’s block was profoundly more prolific than my adult writer’s block. At least it had four words. Six if you count “dear diary.” Continue reading “Dear Diary, Nothing New Happened”

It’s Just Biology

First, a few weeks ago, Mr. Wild Dingo had the good fortune of getting to pull out an 18″ tape worm from Loki’s butt. It was stuck and Loki begged Mr. Wild Dingo to help him get it out. Yup, this is the glamorous life, Internet!  So both he and Juno got de-wormed. Where he got the tapeworm, is beyond me as we’re fastidious about both of their health. The cracker does bite at flies, he drinks out of creeks and we had an overly-wet winter season leaving lots of standing water heaped with critters. It could have come from anywhere.

Then there was me. I started a new set of meds to try to get at the resistant Babesia while treating yet ANOTHER newly discovered infection. Within days, the meds turned me into a mindless blob with a nonstop migraine. This is Lyme Disease-MSIDS Funballs, people. Aren’t you sad you aren’t on the team with me? Continue reading “It’s Just Biology”

Clawing My Way Back to Normal

So this happened yesterday. I’m just as shocked as you all. I’m still being held together by “scotch tape” as I like to refer it. Last week, “something happened” (I’ll spare you the details) that gave my doctors a huge clue as to why I’m not eradicating Babesia and getting better after treating it aggressively. The good news is that Lyme is very much dormant or in remission. I still have tons of vascular problems (POTS/dizzy spells, severe headaches, breathing problems) that alternative therapies (yes, alternative, as in what standard medicine calls “quack”) are helping to control the side effects of the meds and allow me to be a half-normal person.  Continue reading “Clawing My Way Back to Normal”

Picking My Poison

“I forgot how chatty you used to be,” said Mr. Wild Dingo. What is it they say about medicine? The dose makes the poison? Pick your poison Mr. Wild Dingo: chatty me or taciturn me?

So things have literally been up and down like a roller coaster ride on high speed. This is a good thing because now Mr. Wild Dingo is less frustrated with me. Unlike the long term constant fatigue and inability to do much of anything for weeks and months on end, I now have many hours during the day of functionality. Mr. Wild Dingo can see the good days and the bad days more acutely now. They happen so quickly, he doesn’t forget what things were like when I’m either normal or sick because the ups and downs happen within a day or even in the same day. It’s wacky and fascinating at the same time to see such peaks and valleys like this turn on a dime. When I’m feeling fine, I can get stuff done: I’ll catch up on laundry, walk the dogs, do some yoga, clean the stove (desperately needed that), garden, go out to dinner with friends or I’ll make a three course dinner like I used to do.  I’m also putting my writing portfolio together because I’m actually hoping to go back to work again. So now I’m sure he doesn’t assume I’m just lazin’ around playing the sick card. Because, THAT’S so fun.  But seriously, when you see a person act like this in quick extremes, it’s much easier to understand the disease.  Continue reading “Picking My Poison”

Take a Load off Fanny

“Hey lady can you tell me, where a bee might find a bed?”
She just grinned and shook her head, “There,” was all she said.

Another bumble settled in for the night, this time on a cosmo. I can’t help but be tickled by these creatures! I love them to pieces.

Damsels and Dragons in the Garden, Oh My!

If you plant it, they will come. Finally! I’ve been waiting to see a damselfly or dragonfly in my garden. This is a dameselfly. With all the walking I do with the dogs, I get to see them often throughout the mountains but never carry my big lens with me on a dog walk. Plus, one needs a ton of patience to get the shot. I’ve been watching them hunt in my garden for a few weeks now, flying over my head in repeating patterns, sometimes even buzzing my head to check me out. I’d wait 30 minutes and still no touchdown. This one happened to land just above where hundreds of newly hatched mantids were released. Sigh. I’ll just pretend that this guy or gal just eats aphids, leaf hoppers, and destructive beetles. It all balances out. Continue reading “Damsels and Dragons in the Garden, Oh My!”

Lifeguard on Duty

In our fountain-pond, we used to have floating flowers so bees and birds could enjoy the water without drowning. Unfortunately, they didn’t hold up to the harshness of the winter or changing temperatures. So now I’m a lifeguard. Every night, I fish out one or two bees who’ve accidentally found themselves in the pond with no way out. Sometimes I feed them sugar water in case they need some extra juice to fly away, but most of the time, they just want to dry off and leave, with the exception of bumble bees. These guys hang out and stay all night long. I often find them staying the night on one of my zinnias, unmoved, until the morning sun reaches them and then they fly off. It’s such a strange behavior because bumbles are harder to shoot than other bees because they are fast movers. I often think they are dead when I find them on top of a flower in the evening but they aren’t and will give me the claw to tell me to back off.  “Giving the claw” is a bumblebee’s way of saying “back off.” She’ll raise one of her front limbs as if to say “stop” and of course we respect that! After all, I didn’t save her to annoy her! Yes, Mr. Wild Dingo and I are those wacky people who rescue bees. Continue reading “Lifeguard on Duty”