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The End of An Era

Loki Starling ~May 2007-September 19, 2022

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Daily Distractions

Happy Loki-versary!

It’s somepup’s Gotchya Day, today! “Whose momma, whose?”

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Happy Loki-versary!

Loyal and perfect are the two words that come to mind when I think of you. It may have been fate that brought you into our lives 12 years ago but it was our destiny to grow and learn together.

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Goodnight My Love

Juno Belle Starling ~August 2007-February 20, 2020

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A Holiday Toast

Imagine a place that tingles your soul, Like the sweet taste of an orange popsicle, After singing the blues. Delight in a wonderland that rains honey, Over carnivals of fruit, While echoes of melodies awaken the ghost. Then celebrate the symphony, It plays to the sky, And dance, just dance, to the rhythm of your […]

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Juno the Judge

"I think I'd make a very good adjudicator for Ballroom dancers. Don't woo?" This is what I came home to a few days after our ballroom showcase. It's our showcase program. I think she liked it.  

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Hello Autumn! We've Been Expecting Woo!

Benjamin Franklin was wrong. In addition to death and taxes, there's one other thing that's certain in life, and that's change. There's been a lot of change here at Casa Wild Dingo. Change of season means longer walkies for Juno, which makes her happy. She's a bit grumpy in the heat of summer so the […]

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Happy Juno-versary!

It was Juno's eleventh Gotchya Day with us so we celebrated the only way she wanted to--at the beach! This little girl may look like a husky but she embodies everything the opposite of one. For one, she loves the water and loves to play in the surf.

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Juicy's Hi-Jinks

"I'm just a girl, sitting in front of her mommy, asking her to walkies me." Oi. It's been a whirlwind few weeks. Over Memorial Day weekend,  Juno told Mr. Wild Dingo, nay, she demanded Mr. Wild Dingo to give her the once over that he normally does every day. He feels around for foxtails, bumps […]

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Happy Loki-Versary!

Happy Anniversary to our best friend! Eleven years ago, on Memorial Day weekend, we made that big drive up to San Francisco to meet you. I'll never forget what went through my head as you barked your first words at us. While you scared the bejesus out of me with your bravado I saw deep […]

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Searching for Something

"Where is it? Where did the weekend go?" Ever find yourself lost? I know it's a random question. I mean, lost, in terms of where you fit in the world. This is a question that hounds both Loki and me.

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Julie Starling

Hi there! I'm Julie Starling, writer, warrior and chief dog-walker at Wild Dingo.  I dabble in a sundry of creative mediums, from photography and graphic design to WordPress and print publishing to tell entertaining stories.  Some of my stories are humorous. Some are serious. In all my stories, I strive to deliver an inspiring message, but sometimes they are just silly distractions from life's daily humdrum and drama.

Everybody has a story to tell, but few have the time to write an inspiring one. Stories connect us. Good stories captivate us. Powerful stories change lives. Yet, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it that sparks that connection. When you raise the quality of your words, you create that lasting impression. Good stories reflect not just your ideas, but your voice too. I can help you find your voice to tell your story with pizzazz!

I Write About Lyme Disease. Here's Why.

Eight years, twenty-five doctors, no diagnosis. Five infections missed. One immune system, shattered. Forty medications and heaps of strange herbs and supplements, consumed daily. Five years of daily needles and IV therapy. Eight alternative therapies. One depleted retirement plan. Thirteen years of watching life go on without me. This is Lyme Disease. This is my journey to recovery. This is my story of hope.

Wild Distractions, Cover

Wild Distractions

To distract myself from the difficulty of treating chronic Lyme disease, I picked up the camera and committed to a 365-photography project: one photo per day, posted on social media. Those with Lyme disease know just how difficult it is to stay connected to people and the world around them. Photographing tiny bits of nature just outside my door demonstrated the value of every living being in the world, no matter its size.  The project became a book, "Wild Distractions." In colorful short stories that complement striking photography, I draw many parallels between human and animal behavior with humorous themes of anthropomorphism.

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