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Breaking the Mastication Fast

So yesterday I was getting ready to write a post to mock all the Dansko Pool Players, calling them "amateurs,"  because who did they think I was? A new Siberian owner? Then Mr. Wild Dingo and I came home from our anniversary dinner to this: Wait, it's my yoga block. And it's in the foyer. Hmm. […]

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Dansko Betting Pool

Alert readers will note a new feature in the right side bar: The Dansko Betting Pool. The Betting Pool is now open to take bets on the number of days my Dansko shoes survive.  The house (me) bets that shoes will last for 180 days or more. If they don't make it to that fateful day, […]

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How Rome Tastes

I left the house for 15 minutes. Fifteen lousy minutes. Not a lot can happen in 15 minutes, right? "They say historians cannot fully explain the rise or fall of Rome. Soon, they will say that about Siberian mastications."

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Settling In

No rest for the weary.  This week, we got the wireless router working (it actually works if you do NOT follow the installation directions), received our air shipment with our clothing, and got the cable TV entertainment system working. Mr. Wild Dingo has been traveling on day trips throughout Europe, while I unpacked and walked the dogs, shopped […]

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We Interupt this Swiss Programming for a Masticatory Break

I drove Mr. Wild Dingo to the airport yesterday. Nothing like arriving in a new country for 2 days and throwing me to the lions with "drive here and go there and speak to these people."  After the stress of driving on the highways and getting honked at in traffic circles, I came home to […]

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What Would Socrates Say?

I came home the other day and found Juno had done a little light reading. So I asked her what she learned. "The unexamined book is not worth reading. But it sure is worth chewing."

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When the Cat's Away, the Dogs Will...

... have pillow fights. "Nothing says "I missed you" like pillow entrails. I cared enough to shred the very best."

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Going Postal

Juno went through the mail today. She found her vet bills. "These vet bills were mailed third class! I ain't comin' on that tab."

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The Husky Ate My Passport

  Seriously. Why should I be surprised? After all, she also ate my Mini-Cooper. This time, I put my shoes away AND hid the trash can. I left my important identity file folder out on top of my desk because I need to renew my passport. She helped herself to the folder. When I got home, it looked like […]

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WTF? Wednesday

Somepup was clearly not happy with the sales at Lands End. "I'm a rescue dog. I rescue people from the over-commercialization of Christmas."

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