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The Benefits of a Husky

The fluff makes a nice pillow. And you never have to vacuum your house again. Because why bother?

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If Looks Could Kill

Post Traumatic Siberian Stare otherwise known as Post Bath Stink-Eye. "I'm so documenting this in my memoires of the abuse and traumas I'm subjected to."

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California Time Zone

Someone in this house is still on California time. I'm not naming names, but it seems someone thinks winter is over and spring is here. Even though I dress like the Michelin man in this miserably cold climate myself and the other is forced to wear a fleece coat.  This photo being the last of a […]

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Misery Loves Mr. Wild Dingo

Or is it Mr. Wild Dingo loves Misery? I can't decide. You see, Juno loves to play the misery card when Mr. Wild Dingo showers her with attention. I know, I know. Dogs don't like to be held or hugged. But honestly, I could hug Juno for 10 minutes and she'd thump her tail the entire time. […]

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Has Anyone Seen My Husky?

I can't seem to find her... Hmmm... that looks vaguely familiar.

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If Your Husky is Happy ...

... then you've done something wrong. "Like it's a crime to be happy?"

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Total Recall

  Siberian Husky owners, you may want to avert your eyes. Because what you're about to see may give you nightmares and is so horrific it isn't shown on TV. It may raise your blood pressure or even cause heart failure.  What you are about to see is shocking, frightening and down right against the […]

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Old Habits Die Hard

"I'm juuuusssst lookin'." For the record (and this is for The Herd and a certain someone at The Herd Annex), Juno only counter-surfed once early on in living with us. It took one big "No!" to never have her attempt it again. Well, at least when I'm in the house.

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The Husky Ate My Passport

  Seriously. Why should I be surprised? After all, she also ate my Mini-Cooper. This time, I put my shoes away AND hid the trash can. I left my important identity file folder out on top of my desk because I need to renew my passport. She helped herself to the folder. When I got home, it looked like […]

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Cross Paws for Juno Belle Jodhpurs

Juno's in the hospital. Since Thursday she's had a fever of 104. Thinking it was viral or mild flu, the vet had given her anti-inflamatory to bring down the fever. On Saturday, I had to bring her in as it was not returning to normal and she was not walking well. She ran blood tests […]

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