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Beach Blanket Bombs

"Hey Daddy-O, this class is cramping my style. Let's make like a tree and leave." "Keep talking. I got a lot of room left in my ears yet."

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A Proud Moment

Mr. Wild Dingo's been working Juno in obedience classes on Saturdays because Juno has a few, well, "issues" with Scott. For one, she's terribly fearful. She never was the first few months we had her. For some reason, she developed it. We think it has a little to do with Loki being possessive of Scott. […]

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Beach Yahoos

Last year, I took Juno to beach classes without Loki because she had to do a few special classes for her Therapy Dog certification. When I worked Juno by herself, I had absolutely no obedience problems with her. She did everything perfectly: stayed, came, heeled, sat on picnic tables. She even hurdled over BBQ stands on command. After she got her […]

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I Can't Understand Why GSD's and Huskies are UnInsurable

Can you? Wanna be startin' somthin'...

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Brawn or Brains?

Everyone sorely mistakes Juno for the shy, not-too-smart member of our family. But anyone who knows Siberian Huskies, knows just how crafty they can be to get exactly what they want. And Juno is no different. This past year, though Juno has always submitted to Loki's bully behavior, she slowly has found devious ways of leveraging […]

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Morning Shenanigans

Every morning is routine here at Wild Dingo. Get up, go outside. Clean up dog yard and put up with the ridiculous antics of two very attention-needy dogs. Mr. Wild Dingo has a hard time believing that Juno can be a tough little gal and stand up to Loki. Juno never displays her confidence or strength in […]

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Northern Breed Fun Match Photos

As promised, here are some more pix from the Fun Match! Julie/Juno, Christi-Ann (our K9 Clinic Trainer/Nikko, Christine/Yukon  Here we are (Christine and I) the odd balls at our Saturday morning class who take their cats, err, huskies to dog obedience. We convince ourselves that obedience is working for them. Here, they sit pretty. Sometime later, when […]

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hot Dogs

This month's masthead celebrates one of America's favorite junk foods. I don't think I would ever got the Husky to do a single thing without the magic of hot dogs. Marker training rules. Even for low drive dogs, like the Husky. Loki? He'll do anything just for his marker word and some praise. For a hot dog, […]

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Hula Hoops and Fox Tails

Dog Training Class at the Beach: $40

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Juno attended a Northern Breed dog show this weekend. I have to admit, I'm not into these "poser" dog shows. But it was a "fun-match," meaning, not very official and useful for anyone who is slightly interested in posing, err, I mean, showing their pure-bred dogs. I entered the show because I thought there were […]

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