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The Fluffinator Strikes Again

"Hole? What Hole? I don't see no hole."

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Just A Typical Morning at Wild Dingo

 I grinned at her. The little husky on the floor, upside down, smiling a fluffy smile. She looked playful and eager, but not quite sure of herself, like a new kitten in a house where they don't care much for kittens.

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Don't Fence Me In

This month's banner is dedicated to Juno and her tenacity to escape any man-made device to keep her contained in one 3000 square-foot area. It really is absurd how hard we try to keep her from her natural roaming desires and to think that we could out smart her crafty ways. She's biten through wires, cables, […]

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Houston. We Have a Problem

We have a husky overvault in the main terminal causing a husky outage.  The safety door has been compromised. There's also a Q-tness factor that makes it difficult to correct the husky outage. Mission Control, what's your response? Houston: Beat the Husky.

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How to Remove Husky Hair from Your Car

After last week's busy training schedule, I had a chance to actually notice the Husky and Formosan Mountain Dog hair that had grown quietly into mountains of dense fur and had crept into the deepest crevices of my Mini Cooper. Rather than make a needless carbon foot print to drive 20 minutes to the car […]

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The Key Word is "Mostly"

As in Juno is "mostly" well-adjusted. Just take a look at what my "mostly well-adjusted" dog did while I took Loki to training this morning.

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Born to be Wild!

The trainer that Loki and Juno work with once said that huskies were "wild" dogs and not really meant to be domestic, or something along those lines. I could be mincing words so don't get up in my grill about his exact words or disagreeing with his opinion. He’s an experienced K9 police dog trainer […]

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In the Dog Yard No One Can Hear You Scream

Before anyone calls the local cruelty police, take a gander at how I arrived at this month's banner. That's Loki's "Game on!" face. If you didn't know him and saw that face, you'd most likely have an accident in your pants. But when you know him, and see that face, it makes you laugh so […]

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Tango Anyone?

What some don't know is that Juno is accomplished in Siberian Tango, a style of tango that has matured into its own right along with Argentine Tango, Ballroom Tango and Finnish Tango. Surprisingly the Ballroom Dance Association has yet to fully acknowldege Siberian Tango.

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Reason Number 437

Why not to get a husky: their gardening "skills."

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