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Slippery When Wet

Two years away and a heavy rainy season has taken a toll on Nitwit Bridge. In the last month, I've slipped 4 times on this  the 40-foot high, 150 foot suspension bridge crossing. Obviously, none fatal, since I'm still here typing this. But enough to scare the bejesus out of me. Even the dogs tread very lightly […]

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Forest Friend

Often on our  forest walks in Lully and Morges, we would meet this lone gentleman soaking his feet in the river or walking the trails. He was a kind man, who always complimented the dogs. Especially since whenever we saw him from a distance, I'd recall the dogs so they wouldn't bother him. Only, he […]

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Take Me to the River

I got lucky when we adopted Juno. And not because she's a Siberian (although that could be considered luck in itself). But because she's a little different from most Siberians. She comes when she's called, she sits when asked and will perform a multitude of other tricks deemed humiliating by most, ok all, Siberians.

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We're So Over that Rainbow

"Something tells me we're not in Switzerland anymore, Princess." "Really? What clued you in Sherlock?" WARNING: Educational post to follow. Read at your own risk. Now that we're so over that rainbow and back to reality,  I want to share what we've learned from our experiences in preparing for a long overseas flight with dogs.

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Fitting In

"Sorry Big Boy. This is a black and white party. Go find your own gang."

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Sometimes, we'll be hiking along, minding our own darn business when we spot two interlopers hanging out on our path. We do our best to be polite and ignore them, but they hiss and say nasty things to us.

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Voluptuous is the New Skinny

"Hi ya Sweetstuff! You sure are cute!" While yesterday's post pointed out how dogs recognize their own breed, today's post recognizes that you just can't help who you fall for. Gun, the Tervuren, had a special interest in Juno.

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Ever notice if your dog recognizes his kind? Juno always cries when she sees another Northern breed. But Loki surprises me because he's a mixed breed: Formosan and German Shepherd. Since we don't meet many Formosan's in Switzerland (ok none) his tendency is naturally toward German Shepherds. But I'm 100% certain, his favorite breed to […]

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Be Vewey, Vewey, Qweye-it. We-ya Huntin' Twuffles.

"That's right, Elmer! We're on a big hunt for bad-ass twuffles! And I'm the one who'll twack 'em for you!"

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Limits and Liberties

The past two years have been a huge exercise of balance between limits and liberties.  The two of my dogs have different limits and knowing them is key to giving them the liberties that they've earned in a safe way.

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