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Suddenly Everything is Right

Loki went all Paolo Nutini on us.  He put some new shoes on and suddenly everything was right.

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Busy as a One Legged Tap Dancer

Things are getting out of control lately. So much so, I'm posting these photos I found laying around my computer since November. That's Mr. Wild Dingo there on Lake Léman with les loups. This past month, I've been helping out with the story telling at Mango Minster. I don't know how Mango's DOH does it. Just the […]

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Craquettes and Raquettes

Look at that face. Frozen whiskers. Sad eyes.  It breaks your heart, doesn't it?

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Really, Size Doesn't Matter

I think I'm in love. I had to step in about 37,000 donkey apples to get this shot. But look at those ears! Sigh.

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Lucerne Scared the Cr*p Out of My Dog

Seriously. It's true. And not the dog you think. Mr. Wild Dingo had a bright idea to take the dogs to Lucerne on one of his days off earlier this month. Since it's known to be one of the  most picturesque mountain towns in the world, I thought it would be a fabulous dog walking […]

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Savoring Forest Delights

"Wheat grass is the secret to my buns of steel and my enigmatic personality." It's hard to believe, just a few months ago, our forest trail had plenty of snack opportunities.

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When Nobody's Looking

Every now and then, they make a break off the path and have a game of tag in the rows of vines. Though I don't encourage it and certainly call them out of it, I can't help but laugh when it happens. This time it was too perfect of a set up for a little […]

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Delicious Autumn

Autumn is the year's last lovliest smile."  ~ William Cullen Bryant

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Lacus Lunático

Instead of our usual Sunday stroll to Morges for ice cream, Mr. Wild Dingo and I took the dogs to the Roman Ruins at Vidy this weekend. It's a short drive from our house. Then again, everything is a short drive around here. On one hand, Switzerland is an incredibly compact country on the other, […]

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Broken Record

"Juno. Junooooo! Juno come!  JUNO! COME!" It's the same song every Sibe-owner probably sings when they walk off-leash with a Husky. I'm constantly recalling her as she pushes the boundaries of straying too far from us. Generally speaking, she's not so bad off-leash, given she's a Sibe. If I catch her body language cues in time, I […]

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