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The Fun Police Never Rest

Who are those two interlopers zooming up and down this farm trail?

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In the Blink of an Eye

It seems like yesterday that we arrived here in Switzerland, but it was already a year ago. Time flies when you're walking dogs in a beautiful country. The harvest is here. The kids are back in school. Last year at this time we were just beginning to explore the farms and though now they are so […]

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This Place Rocks

This month's masthead came from an outing we did just yesterday in Lausanne, at a Parc Vidy. We met up with another Anglophone who had been advertising dog walks in this area for a while now. This place rocks. Lausanne loves dogs and provides plenty of areas for them to be on or off leash in fenced […]

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Trail Flirting

That's not who woo think it is.

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Playing with Fire

"Oh hey Daddy-O! It looks like lunch time!" I know what you're all thinking Internet. That I have a screw loose. Well, that's probably true. However, how was I supposed to know those cows were grazing behind us, 100 feet from the Lake Leman where Loki was just learning to dunk, err, I mean, swim?  Cows in Switzerland turn […]

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Was it Something I Said?

Loki and Juno are forging new friendships and found a great hiking pal in Marley who is also an American ex-pat. We got together with Marley and his Mom for a hike in the parks and hills above Lausanne at Chalet Gobet. Ah gee! Another chalet and another set of gorgeous parks and woods to hike […]

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Swiss Cracker

It seems the Swiss love a little cracker to go with all that cheese! We met and walked with Tina, a 9-year old Jack Russel Terror who had plenty of her own crack-a-tude for my cracker and criminal. "Hey little lady, you got some kind of cracked out chutzpuh! I think we like ya."

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Balance is Restored

Mr. Wild Dingo is home. Loki is ecstatic to have his ultimate tug partner back.  Juno's thrilled to have the object of her disdain back. Nothing like a few husky huffs of disapproval to score some bites of French bread. The photo below was taken a few weeks ago on one of the docks in Morges. […]

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Searching for NitWit En Suisse

We've been missing NitWit Bridge. Remember, our trippy trappy 90-foot long suspension bridge over a 40 foot drop to a river that we installed but did not engineer? (In other words, if we fell, it would be our own fault.) We would cross it every day and sometimes we even proofed our down-during-a-recall on it! Oh those were […]

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What the Heck is This White Stuff?

Loki and Juno had their first snow, ever yesterday. Juno seemed to like it fine, but Loki really surprised us. He loved it. For a dog afraid to get his footsies wet or walk on metal grates or metal ground covers, he didn't even notice the white stuff was cold or wet. I don't think […]

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