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Vet of the Year

Congratulations to our favorite vet and friend, Hilary Wheeler for winning PetPlan's Veterinarian of the Year Award in early February. (I may, or may not have sent this photo to the judges with an "offer" to send the cracker to "speak" to them on your behalf of your outstanding qualities.) We're so proud of you! Even […]

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My Girl Juicy

Now this dog. This dog doesn't have a cruel bone in her body. During this year's rutting season, I stopped carrying treats due to yellow jacket population. Without treats, Juno turned to her innate Siberian resolve of doing whatever she damn well pleases. Her recall slipped to the point where she would only wait for […]

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Brute Force Peace Keeper

This dog. This dog loves his mommy no matter what she does. Scott pulled a prank on my Lyme brain Sunday morning while wrapping presents. Since we desperately need some humor in this house, I laughed and scolded him while girlie-slapping his arm and nudging his wine-belly. Loki, being the police dog that he is, broke […]

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My Two Essential Ingredients in Lyme Disease Treatment

Thank dog and praise cheeses for these two. They've literally held me together the last few weeks as my health plummeted into Lyme disease hell. Surviving on 2-3 hours of sleep per night and all the other little goodies that come along with Neurological Lyme plus a brand-new infection has been peachy. This election season […]

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Halloween Advice

"Hey Daddy-O. This hipster looks like he could stand one more greasing. He's not slick enough."

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Adorableness Will Get You Everywhere

Poor Joannna. She's getting rather attached to this place. As usual, Bob brought his trusty assistant Joanna, the poodle mix to my monthly IVIG appointment. When it was time to leave, instead of quickly hopping in the car worried about being left behind, she decided to run around the garden avoiding the car at all […]

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A Little Cracker on the Side of Your PT

The Physical Torturer, err, Therapy Ladies at Sage Centers decided they'd really like a little Loki lovin' so they invited him to Juno's PT session. "Mom, Juicy is not taking her exercises seriously enough. I think she needs to pump up the pace!"

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Garden Visitors

Meet Thomas the Terrorist And his sisfur Cococabana

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Happy Juno-versary!

Even at 9 year's old, Juno still practices a life of crime. Never change Juicy. We love you exactly how you are. Eight years ago adopted and 9 years of youth. Happy Anniversary my beautiful girl.

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Loki and The Back Creek Band

When I posted the memory about Loki teaching the two packs of coyotes to sing in our forest, I had a few people ask for videos. So for weeks, I've been trying to record the coyote pack singing with Loki.  It's harder than you think. A siren goes by, sets off a dog and the […]

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